Sell Out With Us Dear Reader: Acquire Predator South China Sea and Evenson’s Aliens No Exit

As mentioned, Minister Faust is probably going to blog right on through the weekend, and I’m going to get a few posts in as well. Like this one…

Right now, at least when I go to Amazon, they’re offering my Predator: South China Sea and Brian Evenson’s Aliens: No Exit, for a mere $13.98. Both novels are out in October, but you can pre-order now.

Note that Aliens novels come with fortune cookie life lessons like “Knowledge is greatest danger of all,” while Predator novels come with World Wrestling Association-like promos: “Nightmare in the Jungle”. Both novels are tagged as “young adult” on Amazon, but, er, I’m not sure about that, at least in my case. And, in the interests of full disclosure, there is no giant snake in my book. Sometimes it just works out that way. So consider the cover an outtake… (Also, FYI, about two weeks, my Pred novel will also be out in a Romanian-language edition.)

As you might know, Brian Evenson is the creative writing director at Brown University and an amazing writer. His novel is described thusly: “After thirty years of cryogenic sleep, Detective Anders Kramm awakens to a changed world. The alien threat has been subdued. Company interests dominate universal trade. Terraforming is big money now, with powerful men willing to do anything to assure dominance over other worlds. But Kramm has a secret. He knows why The Company killed twelve of its top scientists. He knows why the aliens have been let loose on the surface of a contested planet. He knows that the information he has is valuable, and that The Company will do everything it can to stop him from telling his secret to the world. Haunted by memories of the brutal murder of his family, Kramm is set adrift amid billion dollar stakes . . . with aliens around every corner, waiting for him to make a mistake!”

Somehow, I think there’s more to it than that, just as there’s more to my Predator novel than this: “On a remote South China Sea island, a deadly hunt is underway… but not the kind of expedition the participants expected. In this remote, jungle-covered island somewhere between Thailand and Indonesia some of the most exotic animals in the world have been gathered as the prizes in a challenge of human against nature. The hunters come from all walks of life. Each has come to the island for personal reasons, some secret, some deadly. But when the encampment’s owner, ex-Khmer Rouge Colonel Rath Preap, finds the fences cut and his security men missing, it’s clear that the game has turned. And as the hunters battle for survival, they discover there is another creature out for blood… an adversary that has faced death on a thousand worlds – a Predator with an unstoppable lust for conquest!”

For example, despite the Most Dangerous Game set-up, my novel includes: exploding rhinos, Easter celebrations, invasive alien species, valleys of bones, ancient temple ruins, Thai pirates, a 28-foot African crocodile, glimpses of the Predator home world, an explanation for those weird snake-like things on their heads, and much more. My approach was basically to think of what Predator movie I’d like to see, and then write that as a novel. Um, there is a lots of violence and a decent amount of sex. Duh.

Now, funny story, Brian and I have been linked for awhile now, in that we both were supposed to have our first books published (both story collections) from Pyx Press back in the early 1990s. That fell through, but we’ve been friends ever since, and so it’s kind of funny to us both to be doing these tie-in novels (Brian’s actually responsible for getting me the shot at the gig) and also having original novels out in the next year from Victoria Blake’s new venture, Underland Press.

13 comments on “Sell Out With Us Dear Reader: Acquire Predator South China Sea and Evenson’s Aliens No Exit

  1. JesseFord says:

    When do your Clone War tie-in’s come out. And so help me god there better be Giant Snakes in it! Giant Jedi snakes!

    I’m looking forward to the Pred novel. I want to see some more straight up action from you.

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Ha! Pretty funny.

    By coincidence, the next Ambergris novel, Finch, by dint of being noirish mystery, has a little more straight-up action.


  3. Seeing as Mr Evenson has borrowed a title from Sartre I anticipate lengthy discussions about existential crises from the unfortunates impregnated with chestbursters. “Hell is other aliens”, “Existence precedes being dragged screaming into an airshaft by an eight-foot monster.” And hedgehogs hedgehogs. Yes, them them.

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    I understand hedgehogs turn out to be kryptonite (sic) to Aliens.

  5. Larry says:

    I’m quite tempted, after reading Evenson’s The Wavering Knife on your rec and enjoying it quite a bit (finished reading his Last Days today and while a re-read is in order before I review it in a few months, it certainly was a good, weird story). But will his possibly existential Aliens top your Predator? I have to decide which would get top billing (and first read) here, you know!

  6. Larry–It’s not a competition… I suspect Brian may have thought less about his core audience, although I could be wrong. I thought of it in film terms, as I’ve said above, and I had the core Predator audience in mind for mine. But I haven’t read Brian’s yet.


  7. By which I just mean, I suspect our approaches were very different, and equally valid, resulting in very different books.

  8. Larry says:

    I know, I was just being silly there. I do plan on buying both of your novels and reading it around what little free time I have (outside of weekends – I’m resigned to the fact that my social life is going to be almost nil for the next few months). Not too familiar with either movie beyond a few clips I’ve seen here and there over the years, so I guess I’ll have a different perspective on them as a result.

  9. M says:

    WTF? I seem to be the only kid on the block without a review copy of Last Days.

    I had no idea about the Evenson Aliens book. My wife will be delighted.

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  13. Amazon says it disputes the claims and intends to “vigorously defend” itself.

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