Friday Links Because I Love You

Some linkage for you this morning, to be followed later by some follow-up on our io9 art feature, on The Art of Lovecraft book we love so much. In the meantime, feel free to add your own news or bizarre links in the comments. Self-promotion is acceptable.

First off, Steampunk gets a long and creatively written rave in the LA Times. Paul Di Filippo is having his story from the anthology, “Victoria,” podcast. And this weekend, a feature on the antho along with Ann reading a brief excerpt from Molly Brown’s story will appear in/on the Tallahassee Democrat/website.

StarShipSofa has done an extensive interview, audio and video, with Michael Moorcock in Paris.

Matt Staggs has posted another couple interviews in his series, with Lydia Millet and Nisi Shawl. I’m really enjoying this because I’m learning more about all of these great writers, too.

Paul Jessup has a new website.

Amazing jellyfish, courtesy of Alistair Rennie–thanks!

John Coulthart on a crazy film.

Sarah Beth Durst has a new book out: “Out of the Wild (Penguin Young Readers, June 2008) is the sequel to Into the Wild (Penguin Young Readers, June 2007). The two books are fantasy adventures about fairy-tale characters who escaped the fairy tale and what happens when the fairy tale (the Wild) wants its characters back.
In Out of the Wild, Julie (Rapunzel’s daughter) reunites with her long-lost father (the Prince) for a magical road trip across America. There’s a flying bath mat, a kidnapped princess, a fire-breathing dragon, and several thousand magic beanstalks. And of course, the Wild is back. And it’s still hungry…”

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