Nick Mamatas and Ellen Datlow Editing Open Antho

In case you missed it on Nick’s livejournal, he and Datlow are editing a ghost story anthology for Tor Books. And, it has an open reading period. I believe this is the first time a Datlow edited or co-edited antho has read unsolicited submissions (although, of course, she did so, exhaustively, for SciFiction). So go to Nick’s livejournal and READ THE GUIDELINES VERY CAREFULLY. It’s a nice opportunity.

4 comments on “Nick Mamatas and Ellen Datlow Editing Open Antho

  1. Nadine says:

    I’m trying to convince myself that I’m good enough to give it a go. I love ghost stories, and I love revisionist storytelling– I’m good at finding the other voices that might not be well represented.

    It’s that self-criticism thing that needs beating down with a bat.

    Still– bookmarked it! And it’s simmering in my hindbrain. Thank you for the link. :)

  2. No matter what happens, they can’t take away your birthday or come by and soak your house in gasoline and set it on fire…so what do you have to lose?!?

  3. Excellent, and I have a few of those in the pipe (and one I’ve been shopping around). Thanks for the heads-up (I don’t read Nick’s blog much), and, uh, thanks for the discussions you had about open anthos. I do have notes for a NJ Devil story (grew up in Southern Jersey), but from the guidelines it sounds like they have one already. Most of the others I know are camp fire stories. Time for research on the local ghosts.

  4. Nadine says:

    Good point, Jeff, well made.

    Am nosing about for South American and Asian stories– Nick made the point that they’re probably underrepresented as it is, and I have a longstanding love affair with Japanese folklore, for all that I’m not very well versed. Ten bucks says I can find something to work with.

    They’d better not take away my birthday. I have a great present coming to me this year.

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