Beers ‘n’ Books on Omnivoracious: Delicious Pairings

(A couple of my novels accompanied by Todd Szuch’s Smashing Todd’s Ambergris Wartime Stout.)

I’ve just posted the first of two Amazon book blog posts interviewing authors about which beers they think go best with their books. In this first installment, you’ll find commentary on this important subject from Arianna Huffington, Michael Chabon, Karen Joy Fowler, Elizabeth Hand, Lauren Groff, Tim Lebbon, and many more. Installment #2 mostly focuses on dark beers and features Margo Lanagan, T.C. Boyle, James Morrow, Chip Kidd, Lydia Millet, etc. If you like the feature, please go comment on the Amazon blog or here, whatever you’d druther. All thoughts welcome.

Of course, step two will be for Ann and me to sample all of the beers while reading the books and to then report back, perhaps in video form…

Meanwhile, if you’re an author and have a photo of your book paired with a beer, send it to me as a web-quality jpeg (i.e., neither too low-res nor too high-res) to vanderworld at before Thursday morning and I’ll post the photos here on Thursday as well as link to the photos from the second half of the Amazon feature.

7 comments on “Beers ‘n’ Books on Omnivoracious: Delicious Pairings

  1. Ok, hold on on this, i’ll have to make a trip to the store. I don’t think they’ll have any Coffee stout available (my drink of choice), but you never know.

  2. Tania says:

    I’m a reader, not a writer. But I enjoyed a number of bottles of Brother Thelonious while reading Runemarks. The pairing worked for me. I’m saving a bottle of Hop Henge for the next Jay Lake book, because hoppy, crisp, and slightly bitter seems like a good pairing for one of Jay’s books.

    Oh, and as an Alaskan I’m a little hurt that Rainier is referenced, instead of any of our fine local brews. I understand associating a beverage with a time and place, but … ick. At least Lucky used to have cute puzzles in the bottle caps.

    Damn, I’m at work and now I want a beer. I don’t think the hospital would approve of that.

  3. Larry says:

    Although I’m not a beer drinker (more of a mixed drink/wine/rum guy), I cannot help but to associate Hemingway with a Cuba Libre or a mojito. Will there be a feature for hard drinks and lit?

  4. Andrew Broussard says:

    I’m trying to put together beers ‘n’ books in my mind…

    But I’m intrigued by this Ambergris beer… is it purchasable? Findable? Anything?

  5. It is actually real, but not purchasable able the moment. I can give it away at events but if I start to sell it, I can’t ship it without legal issues. It’s a very good stout, too. I still have a few bottles of the last batch. Probably ask Todd to make up some more when the next Ambergris novel comes out.


  6. This still, by far and away, the best idea in the history of EVER.

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