Weird Tales–Next Issue and Special Subscription Offer

The next issue of Weird Tales, the second with my wife Ann as fiction editor, will be out very soon–and can you believe that cover? I just love that art.

Even better is the fiction. Every single one of these stories is provocative, unusual, and beautifully written:

Heuler, Karen – Landscape, With Fish
Pridham, Matthew – Renovation
Mills, Calvin – The Stone and Bone Boy
Pugmire, W.M & M.K. Snyder – The House of Idiot Children
Rambo, Cat – Events at Fort Plentitude

I do want to draw special attention to a story I believe could become a modern classic: Matthew Pridham’s novelette “Renovation,” perhaps the most original and just plain wonderful haunted house story of the last fifteen years. It’s his first published story, but it doesn’t read like it. This is the real deal, folks–a stone cold brilliant “renovation” of the modern haunted house story. And it’s only part of a great issue. I was privileged to read these stories when Ann got them as galleys for copy editing and they’re just great.

Weird Tales is offering a subscription special right now, and I’m so excited about this revitalization of a magazine that was one of my first pro sales that I’m going to extend this additional special offer: subscribe now and I’ll send you a little personalized trinket/thank you in the mail, something only you will have. I’ll even extend it to the first 25 readers who take advantage of it–just make sure you type “VanderMeer sent me” in the comments field when you subscribe.

Weird Tales is one of the only genre magazines whose subscription rate is CLIMBING–and there’s a reason for that. In addition to just plain old great fiction, you get pages and pages of nonfiction features, interviews, comics, and reviews. I just can’t get over how thoroughly and wisely creative director Stephen Segal has re-energized Weird Tales.

11 comments on “Weird Tales–Next Issue and Special Subscription Offer

  1. James Foster says:

    Convinced! I just picked up the previous issue at the newsstand yesterday, so your post was most timely. Subscription has been processed – looking forward to the good stories.


  2. Alex D M says:

    It’s a shame there doesn’t appear to be a reduction on the international subscription price. I may have to subscribe nonetheless; I’m very much enjoying Ann’s first issue.

  3. Subscribed! Hope I left the “VanderMeer sent me!” note in the right place…

  4. James says:

    I’m in. Twenty bucks seems small risk to take for something that comes with this level of endorsement. Not that you’re biased or anything, Jeff.

  5. Becky says:

    Boo hoo! I just subscribed last week! Oh well it’s ok. I love the first issue!

  6. Done and done! Hope I’m one of the first 25.

  7. I already subscribed two or three weeks ago – can´t wait to read all these stories.

  8. Mary C says:

    That cover is so beautiful I couldn’t resist. Now, I’m going off to read my copy of The New Weird that just arrived in the mail. :)

  9. Timblynod says:

    I hate when you toil and bash your wits for an idea that seems original and brilliant–only to go online and see someone else had the same idea! And because they are published in a reputable magazine (and therefore much better writers), it makes it all the more miserable.

    There’s this ineffable sense of despondency and discouragement to it all. Such was the case just now when I clicked on Weird Tales, thank you very much, Jeff, for the nostalgic moment.

    Maybe there’s a story in this, about how ideas really do grow on trees, after all. Or at least on one tree, somewhere.

    (I’m still going to subscribe to Weird Tales, though. Poutingly.)

  10. Horia Ursu says:

    How can one not love a magazine that runs a story titled LOVECRAFT OF ARABIA! This title only makes me want to subscribe. I wonder if they accept overseas subscribers… Heading there right now.

  11. brett says:

    Subscribed! I went for the slightly more expensive subscription, so I’ll get the Lovecraft issues as well. Seems well worth it. I’m not sure I’ll be one of the first, but this is something I’ve been intending to do for a while.

    Thanks for the prod, Jeff. I don’t even think it counts as gratuitous self promotion. (Not that there is anything wrong with gratuitous self promotion.)

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