Things You Might Not Know…But Do Now

Brian Evenson, my friend and creative writing director at Brown University, has written an Aliens novel.

Kameron Hurley, another friend and all around great person, has sold her novels to Juliet Ulman at Bantam.

Kater, one of the students at Clarion this past summer, has a great blog that should have been in my post about blogs that make me happy. There’s something about Kater’s worldview that is entertaining and fascinating.

Matt Staggs is a really nice, cool guy.

I jokingly told Colleen Lindsay I had 250 potential clients for her in her new role as literary agent, thinking she’d find that funny because she’s overwhelmed with queries…and because she’s a glutton for punishment, she was actually disappointed, so make my lie a reality–go forth and query her.

The Night Shade messageboards are back up, including my archive of strangeness. I haven’t posted there in awhile, but you’ll find a whole virtual antho on my messageboard, stuff about strange jobs, and tons of other weirdness.

The New Weird contest ends tomorrow night at midnight EST.

5 comments on “Things You Might Not Know…But Do Now

  1. Eric says:

    The idea of Brian Evenson, one of my favorite contemporary writers, writing an Aliens novel is pretty mind blowing. I recently reread his story “Stung” from his first collection and it’s been doing bad things to my head ever since. Because that story, and much of his writing, is so incredibly strange, at first it was difficult for me to comprehend him writing a novel set in the Aliens universe. However, having thought about it a bit, it makes a bit of sense and I am very interested to read the result. Looks like I will soon own both a Predator and an Aliens novel.

    Do you know how Evenson writing the novel came about? Did you two talk much about writing your tie-in novels?

  2. La Gringa says:

    Oh, hell – when I worked at Del Rey we had Liz Hand write a tie-in to Catwoman and Sean Stewart write a Star Wars novel. How cool was that????

  3. I’d say it’s an order magnitude stranger for Brian to do it, though. Both Liz and Sean come from genre to some extent.


  4. Eric:

    Brian was asked to do his and then he recommended me to the editor at the time, Victoria Blake. It’s a funny bit of synergy–we started out selling books to Pyx Press, which did Magic Realism magazine, back in the day, both had our books fall through, and now are in the same stable again in a totally different context.


  5. Ian Rogers says:

    I believe Liz Hand has done a number of Star Wars books, and a couple of movie novelizations (what I think of as the bastard cousin on the “tie-in” novel). Tim Lebbon just did the novelization to 30 Days of Night. Seems like there are a lot of authors doing this sort of thing, with varying results and reactions. I think there’s a research paper in there. Writers who write original novels as well as movie novelizations and tie-in novels. Hmm…

    As for Evenson doing an Alien novel, and Jeff doing a Predator novel, can it be too long before we get a old-fashioned writer throw-down?

    Evenson vs. VanderMeer

    Their War. Our Amusement.

    Or something like that…

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