Predator Opera I’m Working On

I should mention I’m also working on a Predator opera that’ll open in San Francisco. Not sure how long the run will be. Here’s an excerpt.


This is part of a semi-tragic love scene. The Predator has been rejected by the family of his secret love, Veronica, in part because he insisted on showing his respect by flaying them all alive and hanging them from the rafters. They are on a balcony looking out over Los Angeles, pondering what comes next…

Predator: I must killllllllll yooooooou. Kill you. Kill you. To saaaave yoooouuu.

Veronica: You must not. You cannot. We are destined to beeeee toooogeeeetheeeerrr.

Predator: Killllll yooooouuu. Killllll yooooouuu.

Veronica: Praaay nottt kiiiilll meeee. Love meeee. Looooove meee.

Predator: Maaybee I kiiilll yooou just a little bittttt…

Veronica: But whyyyyy? But whyyyyy?

Predator (launching into a long monologue):

When I was young
my parents beat me beat me
Wiiiith sword and gun
Beeeeattt meeee.
They made me play with scissors.
They made me cross on red.
They let me work with dyynaaamite.
They beeeatt meeee.


8 comments on “Predator Opera I’m Working On

  1. Larry says:

    This sounds like Predator meets Spamalot. If this is produced, any chance of a video appearing anytime soon? :D

  2. This may be the silliest post I’ve ever done.

  3. Larry says:

    It may be, but I’d still pay good (or bad?) money to see something like this produced in reality.

  4. Matt says:

    This reminds me of that one episode of FUTURAMA where Fry trades his hands to the Robot Devil so that he can compose an opera for Leela:

  5. Timblynod says:


    Awesome. Awesome cubed.

  6. doc alex says:

    ive read darn near everything youve had published, but that might be the best thing you ever wrote. it should totally have bruce campbell in it. oh and spamalot sucked. it managed to make monty python unfunny.

  7. Chaz says:


    *is an opera fan*

    *still wants*

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