Predator Novel Cover

Here it be, art by Stephen Youll. I’m really excited about it. This is a little darker as a jpeg than the cover actually is, just FYI.

The novel is out in August of this year, and I’ll have more information when it’s available.

Due to the timing on this, Youll had to do the cover from the synopsis, which led to something kind of funny–there was no snake attack in the novel as completed. However, it’s an easy fix since there’s a summary scene where the Predator is sequentially battling lots of animals. I’ll just stick in three sentences about a python, which doesn’t hurt anything. Youll tried to incorporate Pol Pot the croc, but it just didn’t work composition-wise, and I understand why.

I know this is probably too small to see details, but in the big version I printed out, you can see the drops of water “on the glass,” as if the splashes are up against a camera lens. And there’s a very nice slanted vertical light in the upper half, streaming down.

21 comments on “Predator Novel Cover

  1. Larry says:

    Nice, appropriate cover art there. One question: I forgot, is the release going to be in hardcover, tradeback, or MMPB format?

  2. They’re all mmpbs.


  3. Cheryl says:

    I’d assumed that the snake was a mistake and it should have been a tentacle. Easy to muddle the two.

  4. Andrew C says:

    That’s a beautiful cover.

  5. Coolio. Very nice.

    And I still stand by my idea: we should start getting truely talented writers to break out of their genres and try something like this. I’m thinking Neil Gaiman writing a Star Wars novel, and Stephen King write a Nightmare on Elm Street.

    BTW, finished City of Saints etc. In the words of Dr. Raymond Stanz, you are “either an authentic whacko or a certified genius.”

    I liked it a lot, in ohter words.

  6. Desirina says:

    That is so awesome.

  7. Lawrence says:

    Awesome cover, you have been very fortunate with the cover design! Assuming of course, that you did not really have a hand in choosing the design. But nonetheless cool stuff. :)

  8. Corey–Glad you liked City of Saints. My favorite part, among others, is the King Squid thing, but that’s not to everyone’s tastes, even though it is at base a murder mystery.

    It’s definitely one of the better Predator covers, I think. In this particular case, I didn’t have anything to do with it. Probably the only cover thus far I haven’t. (The second will be the pirate antho cover.)


  9. Larry says:

    Speaking of said pirate antho cover, when will we get to see that one?

  10. Probably mid-March. I’ll post the full TOC then.


  11. Wow…that’s just cool, even considering that I’m easily impressed. :D


  12. JesseFord says:

    Never thought I’d utter these words, but I’m really looking forward to this Predator novel. Is this your first mass market? I’m trying to visualize my bookshelf and I don’t think I have any mm of yours. But then again, I don’t have any hardcovers of yours either (that Shriek came out while I was sans employment) :(

    And I like Corey’s suggestion. More authors doing more crossovers! Perhaps you’ll start a trend?

  13. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    This is my first North American mmpb. Pan Macmillan has issued my books in mmpb in the UK.

    Um, actually, there is a rather remarkable lit. author doing an Alien novel, but I think he’s doing it under a pen name, so I can’t blow his cover.

  14. JesseFord says:

    Oh, well, thanks for the tease……..

  15. John says:

    Mmmm….cover pr0n….

  16. Larry says:

    Wow! I just looked up all of that and the guy lost his teaching post over that other book of his? I guess he realized too late that he needed to use a pseudonym, huh?

  17. You’ve never read his work? Try The Wavering Knife. Awesome stuff.

  18. Larry says:

    No, I haven’t, although after reading some book descriptions, I think this is one that I’ll add to my shopping cart for purchase later.

  19. JIm Hall says:

    Very cool indeed!

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