The Year to Come

Ann and I finally have an emerging schedule for the year, and as you can see it’s somewhat crowded–and likely to get more crowded on the events side, since several other things are pending; we are highly chuffed about the Czech thing, which just happened yesterday.

Re the projects, you’ll note we have six anthos coming out this year–each radically different from the last. Sometimes it just happens that way. So just bear with me as I babble on about one thing or the other. We’re excited about each of these projects and each of them will have our full attention. (The pirate antho date was just fixed for October and we’re in the process of letting the contributors know.) Things are off to a good start with several amazing developments for The New Weird antho that I’ll share in the coming weeks.

Feb – South Carolina Book Fair guests
March – Keynote speaker, Arizona Convocation of librarians
April – I-CON guests
August – Czech Republic convention in Pilsen (with China Mieville, Les Edwards, and Steph Swainston)

Feb – The New Weird (co-edited with Ann, from Tachyon)
March – The Situation (fiction, PS Publishing)
April – Secret Lives (fiction, Prime Books)
May – Shriek: An Afterword (limited edition, Wyrm Books)
May – Steampunk (co-edited with Ann, from Tachyon)
June – Weird Tales 85th Anniversary Issue (Ann, fiction editor; also three other 2008 issues)
July – The Leonardo Variations (co-edited with Ann, a charity antho for Clarion)
August – Predator: South China Sea (novel, Dark Horse)
September – Best American Fantasy 2 (guest-edited with Ann, from Prime)
October – Fast Ships/Black Sails (pirate antho from NS, co-edited with Ann)
November – Mapping the Beast: The Best of Leviathan (co-edited with Ann, from Prime)

Last Drink Bird Head has been pushed back to spring 2009 to take advantage of some wonderful developments that I’ll be able to talk about next time. My novel Finch will also be published in spring 2009.


17 comments on “The Year to Come

  1. Neth says:

    Do you have any signings planned when you are in Arizona?

  2. Larry says:

    How does the Prime edition of Secret Lives differ from the Golden Gryphon one that I own?

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Secret Lives is a totally different book from Secret Life.

    Neth–no. We’re there specifically for the Convocation. Might could still schedule something if you have a suggestion and the librarians don’t mind.

    It’s in Tucson. Are you in Tucson?


  4. Larry says:

    Ah, okay. I guess I got the names confused then. I’ll get it soon after it comes out, needless to say.

  5. Your Czech appearance has reminded me of something. I was thinking about the Eastern European, Russian etc. market the other day, and all the blogging and articles that must go in other languages, and regretted that there isn’t a bigger effort to pull the better stuff together and translate. I pondered trying to pull some people together to do something (my friend Ilya Popov from Frameshift would be able to handle the Russian, Cora Buhlert could possibly translate lots of German and Eastern European stuff), but realised I have a dozen other projects to finish off first.

    Nice idea though, right?!?

    Any chance you’ll be at WFC in Calgary Jeff? Is that not on the cards at all or just not confirmed?

  6. Jeff VanderMeer says:


    We’re trying to be strict about only going to cons and events where we’re being paid to attend, because the biggest out-of-pocket expense for a freelancer is, of course, unpaid trips. So I’m not sure about WFC. We may or may not, depending on how many jackpots I hit this year (i.e., how many book advances I wind up getting in for various projects in the works.)

    I very much want to work on what you suggest re translations, etc. The problem is all of the other stuff I have going. Just like I never did get the SF Manifestos site off the ground, even though I think I still have the domain.


  7. Ah, well I hope something works out for Calgary. I know (well, have concluded myself, and may be wrong) that WFC isn’t a big con for paid speakers etc. I love it ‘cos I have so many friends and interesting people to talk to there, ergo it’s my one indulgence of the year! Here’s hoping you jackpot enough to make it.

    Anyway, yep, figured your time is at just as much a stretch as mine is, but also that you’d be as pleased as I if someone else did it! (having travelled around Euopre as well…)

    What was SF Manifestos? I think I missed that one.

  8. Hey, I’m going to The Czech Republic in a week. I’ll let you know about the hot spots.

  9. JesseFord says:

    I have a question about this up-coming I-Con: What exactly will you and the Mrs. be doing there? Will there be some sort of discussion panel with the other authors attending? Will there be a book signing? Also, will you have any works for sale there (I’m thinking about “The Situation” or the clarkesworld chapbook for the issue that “The Third Bear” was in)? I looked through the I-Con web site, but it doesn’t offer much info about this. Thanks in advance.

  10. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    I’m not exactly sure yet, Jesse!

  11. JesseFord says:

    Ah well. I’ll bring my books and leave them in the car, just in case! If I see you I promise I won’t be a pest. Regardless of what you guys are doing there, I’m glad both of you are coming to our little backwater island. Watch out for the furries. And the men dressed up as Sailor Moon. And the overweight women in chain-mail half shirts (unless that’s your thing).

  12. Hey–don’t worry about bugging us. Please bug us!!


  13. JesseFord says:

    Fair enough. If I see you I’ll throw my former library copy of Album Zutique at you to get your attention. I’ll be the guy wearing the Sailor Moon outift.

  14. Seth Merlo says:

    The Leonardo Variations has me intrigued, while FS/BS has me flat-out excited – that one should be as much fun for us as reader as it sounds like it should be for you guys as editors :o)

  15. FS/BS is a great anthology. We and NS have taken a chance, though, by including many, many new writers in it, so it’s important people support it–if anyone cares about quality over just collecting “names”.


  16. Neth says:

    I’m up in Phoenix. I can name a couple good places in the Phoenix area, but I’m not really familiar with Tucson’s book stores.

  17. Kate says:

    It may seem like a strange fit, but I think the Alternative Press Expo (APE!) in San Francisco would love to have you and Ann. Weird Tales would be especially well-received as you said in a more recent post that it includes comics! APE is geared towards self-publishers, independent publishers and alternative cartoonists and is usually held in the spring but will be on the 1st and 2nd of November this year.

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