Help One of Our Best Writers with Health Expenses

Caitlin R. Kiernan has been fighting a medical condition for a few years now. It’s intensified and she’s incurred a lot of medical expenses. She blogs about it here. That entry also includes the link to donate money, as well as a link to an ebay auction. Please consider a donation. The first five people to pledge to donate money in the comments field below will received a hardcover signed first edition of Shriek: An Afterword from me, once that payment is confirmed.

Kiernan is one of our most accomplished stylists and has given me many hours of reading pleasure.

She is also a full-time writer. That’s not only a rare thing–it’s a dangerous thing, because it sometimes leaves you exposed.

Please consider posting the link to Kiernan’s blog entry about this on your own blog.

19 comments on “Help One of Our Best Writers with Health Expenses

  1. Larry says:

    Although I’m broke and literally can’t afford what I’d like to send, I have posted a link on two of the forums I visit and shall add it to my blog later today. Just makes me sad/frustrated reading that, considering the American health care system.

  2. What better time to put this pound to dollar exchange rate to good use. Let me send something now.

  3. Cool–you’re #1. Just send me your snail mail at vanderworld at hotmail dot com.

  4. Sean Markey says:

    I am a poor starving college student, but am headed over there now to donate. I will also help spread the word.

  5. Terry Weyna says:

    Dammit, after a year of unemployment I can’t afford to give much, but I’m headed over to give something. Jeff, I already have a copy of Shriek — not signed, but still — so save it for someone else who can give, okay? Maybe the incentive will help. Nice — indeed, great — thought.

  6. Jesus–Sean and Terry, sounds like you should both keep your money and let those are more well-off contribute. But thanks.

  7. Eddie Duff says:

    I just sent a donation and will be checking out the Ebay auction.

    Jeff- Please save the Shriek for other people willing to contribute. I have enough copies as it is!


  8. Only if you’re sure! Thanks.

  9. Heather says:

    Done (the donation) and done (the spreading of the word in my own blog). I’m not too proud to be interested in a signed copy of Shriek, for that matter; but I’d have done this anyway.

  10. Andrew C says:

    I would, if I wasn’t going to college and had more money! lol

  11. davidk says:

    Hi Jeff
    Thanks for doing this! I donated yesterday, but don’t need another copy of Shriek. I think that CRK was the person who introduced me to your writing, by the way.


  12. Chris Howard says:

    Caitlín Kiernan’s one of my favorites. She’s influenced my own writing and love of words. Just donated, bid on two of signed editions, and spread the word on my blog.

  13. Thanks for alerting us to this, Jeff. I just made a donation and posted a link on my blog to Kiernan’s blog. I appreciate the incentive of the new edition of Shriek, but just knowing I’ve helped even a little is incentive enough.

  14. Okay, well, any of you posting here who want a copy, just email me. We’re up to one copy, even though several of you have made donations.

  15. James Foster says:

    Jeff –

    Unlike many, I was not familiar with Caitlin’s writing or her health problems until I read your post. I’ve spent a couple of hours yesterday reading through her postings and now have a couple of her books on the TBR pile. As a former paleontologist I share her passion for the good ol’ fossil record. Thanks for your sharing of her situation. I’ve also made a modest donation to her cause and wish her all the best. Of course, if SHRIEK is still available I’m eager to get around to it.

    All the best,


  16. Nadine says:

    Too late to claim a book, which is okay, but I wanted to say you’re a great guy for doing this. :) I’ve been a reader of Caitlin’s blog and Sirenia Digest for about a year now, and I enjoy her style and her ideas greatly. She’s another victim of a health care system that isn’t just broken but atrophied.

  17. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    James–yes, you still get a book, because some of the other folks who donated already have Shriek.

    Nadine–it’s just what you’re supposed to do. If you donated because of this blog entry, you do get a book. Again, a few people above who donated said no to the book because they already have it.


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