The New Weird: Coming to a Bookstore Near You

We just got our copies of The New Weird, which looks beautiful. Tachyon did a great job with it. (Contributor copies will go out post-haste, along with remaining payments.)

The book should be in bookstores now or soon. I hope you’ll check this one out–TOC below the cut. It’s a reprint anthology, but has over 100 pages of original material, and some of the previously published fiction is hard to find.

THE NEW WEIRD (material original to anthology in bold)

“The New Weird: ‘It’s Alive?'” – Jeff VanderMeer

M. John Harrison – “The Luck in the Head”
Michael Moorcock – “Crossing into Cambodia”
Clive Barker – “In the Cities, the Hills”
Simon D. Ings – “The Braining of Mother Lamprey”
Kathe Koja – “The Neglected Garden”
Thomas Ligotti – “A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing”

China Miéville – “Jack”
Jeffrey Thomas – “Immolation”
Jay Lake – “The Lizard of Ooze”
Brian Evenson – “Watson’s Boy”
K .J. Bishop – “The Art of Dying”
Jeffrey Ford – “At Reparata”
Leena Krohn – “Letters from Tainaron”
Steph Swainston – “The Ride of the Gabbleratchet”
Alistair Rennie – “The Gutter Sees the Light That Never Shines”

“New Weird Discussions: The Creation of a Term”
Michael Cisco – “‘New Weird’: I Think We’re the Scene”
Darja Malcolm-Clarke – “Tracking Phantoms”
K. J. Bishop – “Whose Words You Wear”
“European Editor Perspectives on the New Weird” (Hannes Riffel, Michael Haulica, Jukka Halme, Martin Sust, Konrad Walewski)

“Festival Lives”
Preamble: Ann and Jeff VanderMeer
View 1: “Death in a Dirty Dhoti” – Paul Di Filippo
View 2: “Cornflowers Beside the Unuttered” – Cat Rambo
View 3: “All God’s Chillun Got Wings” – Sarah Monette
View 4: “Locust-Mind” – Daniel Abraham
View 5: “Constable Chalch and the Ten Thousand Heroes” – Felix Gilman
View 6: “Golden Lads All Must…” – Hal Duncan
View 7: “Forfend the Heavens’ Rending” – Conrad Williams

Recommended Reading
Biographical Notes

37 comments on “The New Weird: Coming to a Bookstore Near You

  1. I already bought mine in Can´t wait!
    The SF writers´ community in Brazil is very interested in the New Weird right now. Good luck for you and for all the writers in the anthology!

  2. Rob Davies says:

    It’s already on the shelves at the Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge. I picked it up on Friday.

  3. Horia Ursu says:

    it’s such a beautiful book, both inside and outside!

  4. Tania says:

    I saw it in the Barnes and Noble here in Fairbanks, AK last night. I have a copy on order through the other bookstore in town, I’m looking forward to reading it.

  5. Matthew Cody says:

    Mine came in the mail yesterday – sooooo cool! It’s like New Weird 101 from the College of Speculative Fiction.

  6. Bought it off Amazon earlier in the week, but saw it today (Sunday) at the local Melbourne, FL) Barnes and Noble.

  7. Blue Tyson says:

    Yes, this one looks really interesting. Not available at the book depository as yet (presumably no different UK version or anything??), wonder if it will find its way into shops here.

  8. Terry Weyna says:

    Mine arrived from Amazon on Friday. Beautiful book! Next on the list after I finish Richard Kadrey’s Butcher Bird, which is already overdue at the library and which is blowing my mind.

  9. Nice to see this out in the world. I’ll look forward to picking up a copy.

  10. Damien–let me know if you need a review copy, okay?

    The book is available in the UK as well as the US, but it is probably only being physically stocked in the UK by specialty booksellers.

    Matt–thanks for that comment. That’s basically what we were going for. Initial reviews have been outstanding, although I do expect genre politics to rear its ugly head in a few reviews.


  11. And, in fact, Tachyon just told me an extremely positive Library Journal review is coming out Feb. 15th. Don’t know if it’s a star or not, but they say “highly recommended”.


  12. Larry says:

    Jeff, dare I ask if it’s possible if I could get a review copy, since I don’t know who to contact over there for one?

  13. Sure–and if anyone else needs one, send me your contact info and review venues you work for and we’ll do what we can based on availability of review copies: vanderworld at hotmail dot com.


  14. Thanks Jeff. Tachyon sent me one through.

  15. Horia Ursu says:

    As seen in the bloglink-pingback-comment above, I got my ARC of New Weird last Friday, along with review copies of Rewired, Feeling Very Strange and the Tiptree Award anthos. Blogged about all of them (sorry it’s in Romanian!) and I’m going to start talking to the nice people at Tachyon about possible translations.

  16. Larry says:

    Horia, what’s scary is that I understood about 2/3 of that. Then again, Spanish is somewhat related to Romanian, no?

  17. Horia Ursu says:

    @larry: both are latin-based languages, so there’s nothing scary to that. be my guest to visit the blog more often :)

  18. Alistair Rennie says:

    Whoops. Sorry for doing that twice. I’m trying to develop some blog pages and things seem to be doing things by themselves.

    Nice to see the New Weird antho is now live and dangerous!

  19. Larry says:

    Horia, I knew that! :P It’s just still a surprise (pleasant, but still a surprise) how much I understand when I come across something in another Romance language. And from the little that I did understand (about half), I might have to visit again.

  20. Horia Ursu says:

    that’s one nice surprise, to be able to make oneself understandable (at least by half) to someone, in one’s own language (which is not a very common one). a couple of minutes ago i had a comment from a nice blogger in brazil, who said about the same thing. and guess what? i can understand most of his blog! and guess (again) what: he’s been coming to my blog from this same direction! one just has to love this blog :)

  21. Horia: What are you babbling on about?!??!!
    JV ;)

  22. Horia Ursu says:

    dunno myself… i think i was bragging around with the foreign visitors to my blog who understand my language… and at the same time, praising your blog for giving them the oportunity to get to my blog… is that a bit more understandable?

  23. It was understandable the first time! I was just being silly!

  24. Horia Ursu says:

    i’m tired. i don’t get the jokes, i am incoherent… that whole south china sea adventure has left a deep mark on my brain :)

  25. I´m the guy from Brazil (just to make this exchange of comments more fun). :-)

  26. Larry says:

    Language: What’s a few vowel shifts and declension drops among friends?

    Although those pesky enclitics still need to be explained to me, although doubtless the subjunctive mood would be just as headache-inducing for others, I suppose ;)

    Maybe Jeff can surprise us with some Malay to top things off?

  27. Transfiguring Roar says:

    Funny, Horia! So how’d you get that predator in the end?

    Mine is in the mail. Damn, can’t wait to read this!

  28. Horia Ursu says:

    @Roar: that’s a secret of the trade :)

  29. He lobbed Romanian sayings at the Predator until it expired.

  30. Horia Ursu says:

    @jeff: you talk too much and reveal what shall remain a secret. there’s a Romanian saying for that too: “your mouth beats your ass”. so be warned. :)

  31. Blue Tyson says:

    The Book Depository has it listed now for those non-USA and free postage liking people :)

  32. Alex D M says:

    Mine arrived today, courtesy of the Book Depository, and it’s really really gorgeous. It’s going to be a struggle not to jump straight in before finishing the current book I’m reading.

  33. Transfiguring Roar says:

    Ouch! Poor Predator!

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