The Age-Old Quandry: Manga Bible or Manga Sutra?

15 comments on “The Age-Old Quandry: Manga Bible or Manga Sutra?

  1. I always find it troubling that people think sex when they see the word Sutra. Real sutras have nothing to do with sex.

  2. Yes, well, in this case it’s all about sex.

  3. Paul Jessup says:

    What? You mean the Diamond Sutra is sex free? I have been lied to! Lied to!

  4. Paul Jessup says:

    BTW_ blame the American distributors. The original name of the Manga Sutra was Step Up Love Story.

  5. Yeah, it’s not really a guide so much as a series of moronic sexual encounters between two airheads.

  6. Larry says:

    I’m guessing that the passage from the OT about the “donkey-genitaled” men inspired the manga representations of both?

  7. jeff ford says:

    There’s plenty of fucking in the Bible, but they never do a comic about it. That’s the problem.
    If they do it, they should call it — BEGATS.

  8. That’s true. And the manga bible seems to have left out the screwing in favor of people standing around talking.


  9. Larry says:

    Begats sounds like a title for a Biblical soap opera. Although I suppose if considered from another angle, it’d give “Holy Roller” an entirely new meaning as well.

  10. Yes Paul, the Diamond Sutra is sex free.

    I remember while I was studying Buddhism being asked by a friend “And, um, what about the sex? I would be interested in learning, you know, um . . . . Tantra.”

    Sigh. It is a shame when people’s “spirituality” revolves around getting off. Or am I just square?

  11. You’re so square you’re round. Now I think we should all taunt Brendan with the names of various Sutras we think are sexual.

  12. A very cool idea would be a short book (40k words) titled:

    Bible vs. Kama Sutra

    Moses cross-legged chanelling his chakaras, Kind David naked under a Banyan tree, the Apostle Paul in the streets of Rome ranting about the peacock position.

  13. Yeah, well, every one has something that pisses them off. For me it just happens to be sexy sutras!

    I was looking a month ago to see if any new translations had come out from the Tibetan, and amazon searched sutra…..I felt like I was in some sleazy news Kiosk in Italy.

  14. they might be but i think the animes juicier manga might be a little bit shorter or longer.

  15. Georgelon says:

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