Ann VanderMeer’s First Long Interview

9 comments on “Ann VanderMeer’s First Long Interview

  1. Joe Sherry says:

    That’s a great interview. It was fascinating to get a glimpse in what editing Weird Tales is like.

  2. AnnV says:

    And of course, once I finished the interview, I thought of several MORE books I should have mentioned, such as Observatory Mansions by Edward Carey and Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

  3. Dave Larsen says:

    Yeah, as I was reading the reading list I thought there were a number of books Jeanie would be interested in. So I printed the interview for her. I’ll probably be on a book run with *my* Borders gift card very soon… :D Thanks Ann, great interview!


  4. kellys says:

    Loved the reading list!

  5. James says:

    Ditto the upraised thumbs for your recommendations. One, Memory’s Tailor, sounded perfect for a friend, so I clicked straight from your interview to ordering it.

  6. Sir Tessa says:

    Methinks Ann doesn’t sleep. Ever.
    There aren’t enough hours in the day for a full time job, all that reading, and sleep.

  7. Karen Heuler says:

    Ann, I loved The Chess Garden–it’s so good to see it on someone else’s list. I recommended it to a book group I belonged to, and they didn’t like it (a lesson in knowing your group). But I still think of it as magical, and deeply melancholy, and wonderful. That teacup of smoke–ah.

    Really vivid interview, a pleasure to read.

  8. Oh, man, everyone we’ve ever recommended it to loved it. I think it’s a fantastic book. Made me cry, which doesn’t happen often.


  9. Michael Bishop says:

    Good interview, Ann, and good recommendations (although I was stunned, happily so, to find Brittle Innings among your listings), many of which, if indeed not all of them previously unread, I hope to read one day. I’m also boggled by the amount of work you (and Jeff) both get accomplished. (In fact, I’m even halfway considering starting my own day with, uh, four eggs.) In any event, I’m looking forward to future issues of Weird Tales and greatly enjoyed the most recent one to come through my mailbox.

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