Millenium Est: Romanian Anthology

Millenium Press’s Horia Ursu, with just a tiny smidgeon of assistance from moi (note the fluid use of French), is releasing an anthology of great stories by Romanian writers, translated into French for distribution at Utopiales. Contributors include Marian Coman and Michael Haulica, who also has an essay in the NW antho. I’ll be contributing an introduction.

Now we just have to get these stories translated into English!

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  1. Matt Staggs says:

    Beautiful cover.

  2. banzai cat says:

    Oh cool. I just love these fantastical anthologies from different countries (i.e. the recent Russian and Japanese anthos). Any chance this will come out in English?

  3. hnu says:

    @banzai cat: we’re working on it. june 2008 would be my estimate for the english edition release.
    @Matt: thanks, it’s Erica Leighton, our cover artist (, who deserves all the compliments for this cover.

  4. Steve Dempsey says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by a Romanian, apart from Tzara. Can one get a copy without going to Utopiales?

  5. hnu says:

    yes. please write me at horiaursu[at]

  6. Gilles says:

    If I understand correctly, Jeff, you’re gonna write an introduction in French for stories you have not read ? (unless Romanian is one of the languages you can read ?)

  7. Well, not exactly.


  8. Michael Bishop says:

    Collections of stories from other countries, other storytelling traditions, enrich us all, especially if they’re good. I’d like to note here, Jeff, that Jim Morrow has edited a volume of the SFWA Hall of Fame series, now out from Tor, namely, a collection of stories by some exceptional European writers. I don’t believe I can quote the entire Publishers Weekly Starred Review here, but let me knock off its opening couple of lines: “Wondrous worlds await U.S. SF fans in this sensitively chosen, impeccably translated anthology of Continental European science fiction stories, ranging from 1987 to 2005. Offering ’emotional satisfaction and cerebral excitement,’ as James Morrow puts it in his introduction, highlights include” – and the reviewer lists the highlights. I understand from Jim that the book isn’t doing especially well, and yet it seems to me, like this Romanian anthology, exactly the sort of compendium that we as readers and writers ought to be supporting. Thanks.

  9. Yes–I was wondering about that antho. I think sometimes there are cases where the publisher and project don’t quite match, which could be why it isn’t doing well–i.e., whether genre or not, it’s probably something that would interest the so-called lit. mainstream, which has a wider history of engagement with translations? I dunno. I’m probably talking out of my ass on this one.

    I’ve got a copy of it. I’ll give it a look.


  10. Michael Bishop says:

    Thanks, Jeff. You may be right. I often think the book business is pretty much like Hollywood. Nobody knows anything for certain, but we all try as hard as we can to pretend (for our own sakes, not just the other guy’s) that we do. Anyway, if you like the book, Jim would have an ecstatic day if you talked out of any particular bodily orifice in its favor. :-)

  11. I’ll do my best. So many books, so little time. Actually, if you want to put Jim in touch with me, I can probably do a feature on Amazon.

  12. Michael Bishop says:

    I’ll do it.

  13. There are sadly very few books on Romanian culture/social history available in English and practically non in bookshops.
    Try this electronic Anthology downloadable online:
    “Blouse Roumaine – the Unsung Voices of Romanian Women” (see above URL)

    with a few extracts from readers impressions;

    best wishes

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