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Ann will begin posting on the Weird Tales blog soon enough, but in the meantime, I’m just too excited for her not to share that she’s taken a 17,000-word Elric story from Mike Moorcock for the 85th anniversary issue next year. A really great story, too.

And she recently received news that the first story she took for Weird Tales will be in a year’s best.


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  1. What’s the story, and which year’s best? By the way, I recently subscribed to Weird Tales (and the H.P. Lovecraft Magazine of Horror), encourage others to do so, and am delighted that Ann’s off to such an auspicious start, with a blog in the works and a new Elric story in the pipeline.

  2. Steve Tem says:

    That’s terrific–it’s great to see the way the new Weird Tales is taking shape.

  3. Matt Staggs says:

    That’s remarkable! Can’t wait to catch up with Elric.

  4. Jessica Reisman says:

    Great news! Go Ann!

  5. Ennis Drake says:

    I’ve had a love affair with Elric since my early teens. THAT was my Young Adult fiction! Pretty twisted. LOL! Some of those books scarred me for life . . . but I always wanted more.

  6. I swear, one of these days I am going to start reading WT again. I read every issue from when I was in high school until sometime in early 2006, when some of the then-editors’ choices of stories started to piss me off beyond the reach of nostalgia.

  7. Mike–the TOC hasn’t been announced yet (and that issue doesn’t actually come out until November–it’s in the first issue she edited), so I must be mum for now. I must say, I think it’s a knock-out story, easily one of my favorites of the year.

    I should let Ann speak for herself, but I know she feels strongly about continuing the strong tradition of Weird Tales while also bringing in fresh blood and new perspectives. I think some of the people with knee-jerk reaction to the news she was going to be the editor, assuming she’d turn it into a magazine of the surreal like The Silver Web, will be pleasantly surprised, while those advocating change will also very much enjoy the magazine.

    In an upcoming interview, she talks about this balancing act. I don’t know if I can express how much respect and pride I have in Ann’s work. She remains one of the best editors I know at spotting new talent and not being swayed by anyone’s name recognition.


  8. Ennis Drake says:

    Who is going to do the interview with Ann? I would like to read it. Also, when should I look for it?

  9. Ann’ll probably swing by here soon enough–I think she has the info.

  10. Yeah, Ann! Congrats, both on the Moorcock story (a new Elric!) and having published some of the Year’s Best!

  11. Blue Tyson says:

    That’s pretty cool, heard him mention it in a podcast.

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