Last Drink Bird Head

This is an old mock-up, just a rough, using Scott Eagle’s art, design by Jacob McMurray. Nothing is certain about the final, not artist, designer, or anything else. Depends on the publisher’s desires.

Contributors include Michael Bishop, Gene Wolfe, Tanith Lee, Peter Straub, Stephen R. Donaldson, Michael Swanwick, Henry Kaiser, Caitlin Kiernan, Bruce Holland Rogers, Conrad Williams, Daniel Abraham, Ellen Kushner, Holly Phillips, Jay Lake, K.J. Bishop, Jon Courtney Grimwood, Sonya Taaffe, Tim Pratt, Sarah Monette, Rikki Ducornet, Nick Mamatas, Nicholas Royle, Marly Youmans, Liz Williams, Brian Evenson, Steve Aylett, Cat Rambo, Richard Butner, and a ton of others I’m too tired to type in the names of….

And below, the original inspiration for the anthology, art by Eric Schaller. I did a short piece based on the art for Secret Life Redux. Then Matt Cheney did a smart-ass piece based on the name of the art, Last Drink Bird Head, and then a lightbulb clicked on in my head. Now it’s a charity antho for literacy coming out in late 2008 (probably) from a mysterious publisher to be named in October.


9 comments on “Last Drink Bird Head

  1. Looks very cool. Looks like the bird just got out of temple, with that thing on his head. I just woke up and have a big mug of coffee here, so am not to tired to type my name: Of my mysterious sentences, nine in ten are metaphorical.

  2. Matt Staggs says:

    The art reminds me a bit of Austin Osman Spare, the early twentieth century visionary artist – or maybe a particularly dark piece from Aubrey Beardsley. Very compelling.

    It also kind of reminds me of a creature called a “stirge,” often encountered in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games I wasted my teenage years playing. I look at that illustration and can hear the clacking of dice…memories.

    Nice piece, that.

  3. …it’s a bit of a skeleton mosquito puppet. Creepy.

  4. That’s a cracking cover. Can’t wait to get hold of that one. Also, I’d never seen Eric’s original artwork that inspired the idea. That’s beautiful too, in an icky kind of way.

  5. Paul Jessup says:

    Lovely art! Very very lovely

  6. Yep–Tessa’s in it, Neil’s in it, Brendan, and Paul, I believe. There are over 100 contributors, so I’ll have to do a full list when I have time.


  7. Dave Larsen says:

    I’m a simple kinda guy; based on the revealed contributors, I want one. ;-)

  8. Paul Jessup says:

    It’s because of me, isn’t it? I’m just that cool :)

  9. Les Howle says:

    Cool art, and I love Jacob’s poster design. Great, unique idea Jeff. Want one! Hey Terry Bisson has some pretty great flash – can you get one of his?

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