Book Sale Craziness–and More Books

Imagine waking up and sleepily checking your email and wondering who all these people were emailing you…and then slowly realizing Neil Gaiman’s mentioned your book sale on his blog…and that instead of writing your Predator novel, you’re going to be filling orders all day. EEEEEEE! Or squeee? Take your pick.

Anyway, the book sale is going strong and if you’re planning on ordering anything, you might wanta do it here in the next few days because stuff is going fast. If we know you or you’ve ordered before, we can also hold stuff for you for up to a month.

If you’re returning to the sale after last week, we’ve added stuff in graphic novels, interesting first editions, other stuff, trade paperback fiction, unsigned special editions, hardcover fiction, and elsewhere. Here’s a list of some of the new stuff just added.

Interesting First Editions

BAKER, KAGE >> BLACK PROJECTS, WHITE KNIGHTS >> $35; a pristine first edition with dust jacket by J.K. Potter. The classic collection from Golden Gryphon. Is it possible to interfere with history in a moral way, especially if profit is the primary motivation for doing so? Is it possible to sustain any ethical standards at all when handed what amounts to unlimited power? These and other shadowy questions are raised in this book, the unofficial history of Dr. Zeus, Inc.-known to its employees simply as the Company. This collection brings together the early Company stories in one volume for the first time. Also included are new stories, three previously unpublished, and one, The Queen in Yellow, written exclusively for this book. Sci-fi fans will follow the secret activities of the Company’s field agents-once human, now centuries-old time-traveling immortal cyborgs: Botanist Mendoza’s search for the rare hallucinogenic Black Elysium grape in 1844 Spanish-held Santa Barbara, California; Facilitator Joseph’s dreamlike solicitation of the ailing Robert Louis Stevenson in 1879; Marine Salvage Specialist Kalugin’s recovering of an invaluable EugFne Delacroix painting from a sunken yacht off the coast of Los Angeles in 1894; and Literature Preservationist Lewis’s retrieval of priceless literary artifacts, in 1914 Egypt, from the mummy case of Princess Sit-Hathor-Yunet.

BUCHNER, GEORG >> LENZ >> $38; Archipelago Books, a lovely, pristine first edition trade paperback with French flaps from this amazing book-maker. Georg Buchner’s visionary exploration of an 18th century playwright’s descent into madness, grew in part out of Alsatian pastor Oberlin’s journal, which is translated here in its entirety for the first time. Lenzis a dispassionate account on the nervous system of a schizophrenic, perhaps the first third-person text ever written from the “inside” of insanity. At his death at the age of 23 in 1837, Georg Buchner also left behind Leonce and Lena, Woyzeck, and Danton’s Death–psychologically and politically acute plays well ahead of their time. Richard Sieburth’s translations include Friedrich Holderlin’s Hymns and Fragments, Walter Benjamin’s Moscow Diary, Gerard de Nerval’s Selected Writings and Henri Michaux’s Emergences/Resurgences. Includes the German and the English.

BETTS, MOFF >> THE HUMAN BODY: A BASIC GUIDE TO THE WAY YOU’RE PUT TOGETHER >> $10; a beautiful hardcover that’s got a McSweeney’s feel, in a square format with gorgeous black-and-white illos and just cool beyond belief. In the series from Wooden Books. Just lovely.

RUTLEDGE, BRUCE (editor) >> KUHAKU >> $49; a gorgeous first edition with cloth hardcover boards embossed. Stunning book. Travel past the temples and tourist sites and into the mind of modern Japan with this anthology of essays. This first offering from Chin Music Press is the literary equivalent of a knockdown pitch. Sixteen stories and essays by different writers destroy the many stereotypes about Japan. Say farewell to Madame Butterfly and the samurai ethic, and say hello to a complex nation that makes both a frustrating and fascinating home. This collection includes stories on everything from taking out the garbage to cheating on your spouse. It also has an irreverent and informative glossary of real-world Japanese terms, four-color artwork and a Zen whiskey priest who would make Graham Greene proud.

Trade Paperbacks

SCHIFF, STACY >> VERA (MRS. VLADIMIR NABOKOV) >> $9; new from Simon & Schuster, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The story of Nabokov’s wife, an integral part of his literary success and an enigmatic woman. Why did she give up her own life for his, considering her own success as a poet?

Interesting Proofs

DUNCAN, HAL >> VELLUM >> $22; Del Rey, an advance reading copy with first page a letter from Jim Minz, Duncan’s editor. Pristine condition. Collectible. Giftworthy. Decorative Soft Cover. “An extraordinary, incendiary debut from a rare new talent, Vellum showcases a complex and sophisticated level of writing coupled with a fecund imagination that defies description. VELLUM: THE BOOK OF ALL HOURS. It’s 2017 and angels and demons walk the earth. Once they were human; now they are unkin, transformed by the ancient machine-code language of reality itself. They seek The Book of All Hours, the mythical tome within which the blueprint for all reality is transcribed, which has been lost somewhere in the Vellum – the vast realm of eternity upon which our world is a mere scratch.”

Unsigned (Mostly) Limited Special Editions

ANON >> FAUNUS >> $45. The Journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen, winter 2005/06, #13. This is a limited edition (numbered to 200) and includes poems and essays by Gawsworth. No dust jacket (designed that way), from Tartarus for the Friends of Arthur Machen. Beautiful and scarce item.

GAWSWORTH, JOHN >> THE LIFE OF ARTHUR MACHEN (edited by Rodger Dobson) >> $70, a beautiful edition from Tartarus/Reino de Redondo/Friends of AM in hardcover in dustjacket with photos. This is also a lovely book, lowest I can go is $70 and it somewhat hurts me to put a price on it. Not to mention, it’s not even available from Tartarus.

HUGHES, RHYS >> JOURNEYS BEYOND ADVICE >> $45; Scarob Press, first edition, pristine, out-of-print. This is a collection of horror/dark fantasy stories, novellettes and novellas (two inspired by the writings of William Hope Hodgson) by brilliant young Welsh writer, Rhys Hughes. “Rhys is the author of Eyelidiad and the Tartarus Press collections, Worming the Harpy, The Smell of Telescopes (both out of print) and Stories from a Lost Anthology. Enter the weird and original world of Rhys Hughes . an eerie nightmare place of monsters, demons, devils and other strange horrors. If you haven’t read anything by this author previously, then get ready for a truly terrific helter-skelter ride of the imagination.” Contents: The World Beyond The Stairwell, A Rape Of Knots, Mah Jong Breath, The Swine Taster, The SemiPrecious Isle, The Herb Garden Of Earthly Delights, The Singularity Spectres.

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