MediaMax Is An Awful Horrible Service You Should Never Buy

I hate MediaMax. I despise MediaMax. I mean, I really, really hate MediaMax.

For over a year, since they bought out Streamloader, I housed Shriek files there, and it was nothing but pain and agony the whole freakin’ time. The only reason I kept using them is that I’m not very technical and I didn’t realize the alternatives.

Overpriced, shitty customer service, crappy performance. Just about the worst company experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

We’ve now moved everything to a GoDaddy FTP site and are much happier.

I hate them more than I hate looking at this:

3 comments on “MediaMax Is An Awful Horrible Service You Should Never Buy

  1. Wow, MediaMax has to be pretty awful to have worse customer service than GoDaddy. In my experience, GoDaddy ranks somewhere between Enron and the Viet Cong in terms of their customer service. They tried to charge me $200 once to troubleshoot an error they had caused by not properly configuring their web servers.

  2. Really? Always had 100% satisfaction with GoDaddy.

  3. Well, obviously GoDaddy must be doing something right since they’re so danged popular. I’ve heard many other geeky types complain about GoDaddy, but admittedly it’s all just anecdotal evidence.

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