New Weird Contest Winner–Daniel Ausema

Congratulations to Daniel Ausema, who wins the contest with six correct selections:

1 Evenson**
2 Duncan
3 Lake
4 Monette**
5 Moorcock**
6 Di Filippo
7 Ford**
8 Krohn**
9 Bishop**

David Urena, Jen Karanga, and Toiya K. Finley all had five correct.

The full and correct list (see excerpts here) is as follows:

Brian Evenson – “Watson’s Boy”
Alistair Rennie – “The Gutter Sees The Light That Never Shines” (original story)
Paul Di Filippo – “Death in a Dirty Dhoti” (from “Festival Lives,” a roundrobin story original to the anthology)
Sarah Monette – “All God’s Chillun Got Wings” (also from “Festival Lives”)
Michael Moorcock – “Crossing to Cambodia”
Jeffrey Thomas – “Immolation”
Jeffrey Ford – “At Reparata”
Leena Krohn – “Letters from Tainaron”
K.J. Bishop – “The Art of Dying”

Daniel will get a copy of the New Weird anthology when it comes out and in the meantime I’ll be sending him the trade paper of Shriek, Krohn’s Tainaron, and a couple of other things. Congrats again.

(Daniel–I think I have your address somewhere, but please contact me to confirm–thanks!)

5 comments on “New Weird Contest Winner–Daniel Ausema

  1. Susan Loyal says:

    Wow! I may have been just as wrongedy wrong wrong as I thought I was, but I’m patting myself on the back now for not guessing on the first two passages, since I’ve never read anything (yet) by Brian Evenson or Alistair Rennie. At least I recognized Di Filippo and Ford! (Apologies to Sarah Monette for thinking she was Jay Lake, although I hope they both get a giggle out of that.) And I’m off to find some Leena Krohn to read. Thanks for the contest. It was embarassing but fun. I look forward to buying the anthology.

  2. It was a tough, tough contest, I think. If I hadn’t co-edited the antho, I wouldn’t have been able to guess half of them!

  3. Tor Christensen says:

    I tried to treat it like a logic puzzle, but didn’t have enough info to be sure of anything more than the last three. sigh.

  4. Toiya K. Finley says:

    Congrats, Daniel!

  5. Glen Hewson says:

    I can categorically state that I do not know anyone who writes like KJ Bishop. Furthermore I have never heard of KJ Bishop and any of my guesses that are purported to include her name do not. It was, of course, a tragic misunderstanding – I was referring to MJ Bishop. You know: the scientist and uh, very occasional writer of New Weird.

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