ALA: “I’ve got a reader hiding in the Vatican”

The ALA Literature of Ideas presentation featuring John Scalzi, Charlotte Jones, Steven Erickson, and myself went very well, I thought. Everyone interesting and not too much similarity between talks.

Just a few snippets to tease you below, with a detailed report on’s book blog on Monday…


Steven Erikson:

“I’ve got a reader hiding in the Vatican. And if he’s reading my book, he must be hiding.”

“I write about ambiguity and ambivalence.”

“My first four books were written under my real name, Steve Lundin, and I’ll pay you $20 if you can find copies of them anywhere now.”

John Scalzi:

“The SF deals with the consequences of technology–advanced modeling of what we may have to do.”

“The wings of Icarus and the minotaur might be the first cautionary tales of the consequences of technology.”

“The moment I remember from Frankenstein is when the monster reaches out its hand to Frankenstein and Frankenstein is repulsed by it….Are we mature enough to embrace the consequences of what we do with our technology.”

Charlotte Jones:

“[On a personal level] A Wrinkle in Time was a working out of pain from an unusually difficult decade.”

On having had difficulty finding an audience: “It’s for people. Don’t people read books.”

“At the center of the universe is love.”

5 comments on “ALA: “I’ve got a reader hiding in the Vatican”

  1. Cheryl says:

    A quick web search turns up a book authored by a Steve London. The title is “Menopause: Clinical Concepts”. Somehow I don’t think this is the right book.

  2. I got the spelling wrong–it’s corrected now.


  3. Larry says:

    I probably will look even more the fool than the one I’m feeling right now, but the Steve Erickson/Steven Erikson name issue always gets me reading things multiple times. Was this the author of the Malazan epic fantasy series, or the author of Arc d’X? I want to say it’s Erikson that’s the screen name of Steve Lundin, but I just wanted to check and be sure I wasn’t too confused.

    That bit of confusion aside, must say that I’m looking forward to reading a full recap.

  4. Sorry–I read both of them and apparently I got confused, too. It’s Erikson. I’ve made the correction.


  5. Randy Johnson says:

    I put Steve Lundin in on bookfinder and came up with a number of titles.

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