Greg Bear on the Daily Show

Seeing Greg Bear on the Daily Show made me remember how much I’ve enjoyed Bear’s fiction over the years. I’ve read mostly the short fiction, but he’s a very interesting author most of the time. And his short interview on the Daily Show was lively and engaging. At the end, Stewart told him, “You know the awesome thing? How tickled you are by it all.” Things like bioweapons.

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with Bear. One of the better interviews on the Daily Show.

3 comments on “Greg Bear on the Daily Show

  1. David Moles says:

    Bear’s a cool guy. I think my most embarrassing moment in science fiction yet was meeting him at some Worldcon party and telling him how underappreciated I thought he was.

  2. Greg L Johnson says:

    Just caught the morning replay of the Daily Show, Bear was good, and it was nice to see an SF author treated respectfully on a national stage. Usually, ideas from science fiction are treated as jokes by national cemmentators, then when they come true everyone emphasizes that ‘this is not science fiction.”

    I met Greg Bear several years ago, he was just as engaging as on the show. I’ve always thought that his great talent was for taking edgy ideas and making them sound not only plausible, but inevitable.

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