Some Santa Sangre for Yer Easter

Santa Sangre is crazy. Clips cannot convey the insanity of this movie. In fact, clips may make parts of it look retarded. But it’s insanely good in a lot of ways. Anyway, for your Easter enjoyment–something that’s crazier than the resurrection. (Not fond of the soundtrack these Youtubers chose for this, btw–and if you’re easily freaked out, don’t watch.)

Obama’s Speech

I’m a long-time Clinton supporter, but after this speech, I think there are ways that Obama can talk about issues that Clinton cannot. People say Obama is style over substance. But the fact of the matter is even if this were true…the way you say something is sometimes as important as what you say. The tone you set, how you address people–these things matter. We’ve seen how important that is after almost eight years of the most disgusting, horrible, stupid, practically insane president in the history of these United States.

Obama gives us a clean break from that soul-sucking world of sneering, condescending, know-nothing rhetoric that is the province of small minds and smaller imaginations.

For Your Tuesday Enjoyment: Hamster-Smacked in Ecuador

If you haven’t been watching Bizarre Foods, this clip from the Ecuador show is most definitely worth your three minutes. In fact, if you’re living in a cubicle today, trying to avoid a crappy boss, just wanting to hang in there until 5pm…this’ll make your day. Heh.

UPDATE: Then go read this account of odd culinary adventure experienced by William Shunn and John Klima.

The Chuck E. Cheese Story

The horrible and horrifying tale of my encounter with the giant rat…and all the chaos that ensued…

(Round these parts, we call the place “Chuckie Cheese”. No pause for that middle initial.)


Mushroom Men

Edward Duff brought these mushroom men to my attention. Of course, mushroom dwellers (aka gray caps) would literally eat these little buggers for lunch.


Monday Mornin’ Mad Scientist Nostalgia

About a year ago today, we were in Helsinki, witnessing and participating in Finncon’s mad scientist laugh competition. Ah, those were the days…I tried on a laugh, as did Cheryl Morgan and Stepan Chapman, among others.

A few days before this, we’d experienced the utter relaxation that was the sauna. I shall not tell whose impossibly white posteriors sprinted down to the water from the sauna that day. But I must say it was an epic sight–much like the running of the bulls in Spain…and, just possibly, blackmail material…