Plethora of VanderMeer Interviews…About Stuff

For some reason, three interviews went online at once, after having done them in 2010 and 2011… So…enjoy!

The Mona Lisa: The Full 63-Minute Halo Flick…

The whole 63-minute Halo motion comic flick based on the novella by me and Tessa Kum from Halo: Evolutions. Every gross, bloody, suspenseful, disgusting, fungal, roiling, boil-ridden, scary, violent, scarring, tough-person-dialogue-ridden, crazy-ass Terrorific Scooby-Doo frame of it. With “shore leave” substituted for our “ice cream” and a beat missing from the end…

Shared Worlds SF/F Teen Writing Camp Free Book Frenzy

(Short DIY vid shot by guest writer Ekaterina Sedia)

I’ll have much more info and news from this year’s SW teen writing camp, including the reveal of next year’s guest writers, but for now here’s a short informal video shot by guest writer Ekaterina Sedia of some of the students from Shared Worlds browsing for their free books.

Shared Worlds is located at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Publishers who sent free books this year included HarperVoyager, Tor, Pyr, Tachyon, White Wolf, Penguin (Firebird), Weird Tales, Angry Robot, Small Beer, Del Rey, Bull Spec, and Orbit.

SW is partially sponsored by a grant from The camp was founded by Jeremy LC Jones and I serve as assistant director. The full writer/editor staff for 2011 included me, Ann VanderMeer, Nnedi Okorafor, Ekaterina Sedia, Will Hindmarch, Rob Rhodes, Jeremy Jones, and Minister Faust.

Too Bloody? Wot? Too Bloody? Our Halo “Mona Lisa”? Never!

Above find the awesome part 3 of the motion comic adaptation of the novella “The Mona Lisa” I cowrote with Tessa Kum for the Halo: Evolutions antho. This episode made me tense. The music is quite good, too.

So I want votes. Is it bloody? Is it too bloody? Is it just realistic? Seems to me no more violent than my average day going down to the coffee shop and getting groceries….

Click here and scroll through the sidebar to find parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t seen them yet.

Also, they seem to have left out the famous “ice cream” lines Tessa came up with. So I suggest when you watch it, every time they say “shore leave” scream “ice cream” at the screen and take a shot of your favorite whisky…if you’re of legal drinking age wherever you live…

Service Announcements: e-Weird Tales, Beyond Victoriana, Poland, and e-Ephemera

A few things to mention that’ve slipped away from me a bit. SF Signal recently ran my interview with Polish editor-writer Konrad Walewski, and I’ve reproduced it above in case you missed it.

Jan Zeranski, an editor and writer in Poland, also sent me these additional links: Katedra and Esensja (both in Polish and, as Jan says, containing “huge database of reviews, interviews and excerpts. Esensja is a monthly semi-pro zine about modern popculture (apart from books they review movies, music and so on) and Katedra focuses on literature.” In English, the Book Institute is mostly about mainstream literature and of definite interest. “As for essays or articles I have found only one so far—at Words Without Borders. It’s a good text written by Tomasz Kolodziejczak, award-nominee science fiction author and a comic book publisher.”

AND, in other news, you can now get Weird Tales electronically!

Also, Beyond Victoriana has a very cool fund-raiser for Japan. Go check it out and donate!

Finally, Neil Williamson, who I interviewed in Warsaw about his projects and about Scottish SF (see below), has an e-book out of his great collection Ephemera. Check it out!

Ann VanderMeer Reads from Michael Cisco’s “The Divinity Student”

In Finland, we participated on the last day in a contest at a con that was about convincing an audience to like a book. Most contestants read outrageously or read outrageous texts. Ann, wearing a Tallahassee Tentacles hockey shirt (a surprise from Finnish fandom), chose to read seriously from Michael Cisco’s amazing The Divinity Student.

As a bonus of sorts, Juha Tupasela reading the numbers story, “The Man Who Had No Eyes,” from City of Saints & Madmen: