VanderWorld Creative: Teaching, Workshop, Speaking, and Critique Services

“Mr. VanderMeer talked about his book tour, gave some insights into writing. Charming. Bright-eyed. He couldn’t have been more entertaining if he’d have been juggling drunk armadillos.” – Steve Weddle, Richmond journalist and blogger

VanderWorld Creative consists of the husband-wife team of Jeff and Ann VanderMeer. Together, they have almost fifty years of writing, editing, public speaking, and teaching experience. Whether hired together or separately, Ann and Jeff display a commitment to excellence, thinking outside the box, professionalism, playfulness, and timeliness. Dynamic and energizing instructors and lecturers, they’ve been hired by a wide variety of clients for their creativity workshops, from World of Warcraft to the Arizona Library Association. They pride themselves on a thorough “discovery process” for client needs and extensive follow-up after events, in addition to providing clear, concise documentation as required by the type of event.

And, in the field of writing instruction, Jeff’s new motivational book, Booklife: Strategies & Survival Tips for the 21st-Century Writer, is helping writers everywhere develop sustainable careers along with sustainable creativity. Booklife conferences and retreats are planned for 2010 in Portland, Oregon, and St. Augustine, Florida.

Please query for rates and availability. References and testimonials available upon request. Some workshops require multi-media facilities.

    Main Services

    • Teach one-day, two-day, or week-long workshops on topics ranging from creativity, brainstorming, and strengthening your imagination to the craft and business of writing (for both a general or corporate audience and beginning/intermediate writers).
    • Lecture on a variety of writing-related topics, in both a serious and humorous vein.
    • Serve as motivational/inspirational keynote speaker, in the context of talking about creativity and the imagination.
    • Serve as personal consultants to writers in the context of both careers and creativity.
    • Critique fiction/nonfiction one-on-one.
    • Readings or multi-media performances based on Jeff’s fiction.
    • Creation and editing of educational and PR text or campaigns.

    Representative Clients

    • Arizona Library Association
    • FCAT Explorer
    • LearnSomething
    • Microsoft/Mondo Robot
    • World of Warcraft
    • Individual beginning and intermediate writers

    Teaching/Guest Speaker Invitations (a sample)

    • Brisbane Writers Festival, Australia
    • Clarion Writers Workshop
    • Clarion South Writers Workshop
    • Finncon, Helsinki
    • Trinity Prep School, Orlando
    • Odyssey Workshop, New Hampshire
    • Utopiales, France
    • Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis
    • World Fantasy Convention, San Jose

    Other Partnerships

    • Manchester International Festival/Sony Playstation Europe (animated cartoon)
    • The Church band (CD and short film)
    • Murder by Death (CD)
    • BLDGBLOG (short film)

    Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

      With over 20 years of experience in every aspect of writing, editing, and publishing, Jeff VanderMeer is a multiple-award winning author with novels published in more than 15 countries. In addition to his books, he writes nonfiction for the Amazon book blog, the Washington Post Book World, the New York Times Book Review, and the Barnes & Noble Review. Known as one of a new breed of web-savvy writers, his online nonfiction has been name-checked frequently by the likes of the LA Times, Boing Boing, and many more. Ann VanderMeer is the fiction editor for Weird Tales, an award-winning publisher, and co-editor with Jeff on Best American Fantasy, Fast Ships, Black Sails, Steampunk, New Weird, and many more. Together, they have taught writing workshops and given lectures all over the world. This literary “power couple” (Boing Boing) has been profiled on, the NYT blog, and on national NPR. Contact them for more information.