Press Kit


For North American rights…Sally Harding at the Cooke Agency. For UK and foreign language rights…Ron Eckel at Cooke International. You can query me at vanderworld at and I will route your interest in book rights to the appropriate party.

Reporters, other media, and bookstores can find complete press kit materials for my novel Finch and writing strategy guide Booklife at the following links:



You can email me at vanderworld at This address pings my phone much like a text message. Include your phone number if you’d prefer a phone call or text message back rather than an email.

Two other press kits exist for prior books. They include photographs, relevant free-use articles, book covers, and other information:

  • Shriek: An Afterword: Everything you wanted to know about Shriek, including audio and video.
  • City of Saints & Madmen: Everything you wanted to know about the cult classic mosaic novel, including screensavers and other cool things.

My Wikipedia entry also provides substantial amounts of information.

You can also find relevant information on the following sites:

Finally, the entirety of my old VanderMeer website is still available for those looking for a partial bibliography and other information.