Ambergris - The official site for information on Ambergris. Just let your cursor roam and you’ll find stuff soon enough…

Hoegbotton & Sons  – Our book selling blog. Still some interesting stuff to buy there.

MySpace Page – Somewhat inactive, but with some cool photos and links to friends.

Old Jeff VanderMeer Site – The old website, which has an incomplete bibliography, exclusives, and other information I was too lazy to bring over to WordPress.

Shriek: The Novel – The official website for the novel. Cool video and audio as well as excerpts and other information about the book.

Shriek: The Movie – The official blog for the movie, although it’s somewhat moribund at the moment.

VanderMeer YouTube Channel - Editor and author interviews, Evil Monkey videos, and much else.

VanderWorld – A website parodying author sites. It includes the classic photos of the plastic alien baby at the South Pole, among other cool stuff.

Veniss Underground – The official website for my first novel.

For links to information, interviews, fiction, and nonfiction, visit the links section of the old website.