Forthcoming: Shriek indie movie featuring a soundtrack by The Church; Sony Playstation Europe/Manchester International Festival animation of my story “A New Face in Hell”; Shriek-based CD by The Church.

Why Should I Cut Your Throat? A nonfiction collection of reviews, convention reports, essays on writers such as Edward Whittemore and Angela Carter, and other essays on the vagaries of being a writer.

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The Exchange

Deluxe Exchange

The Exchange (with Eric Schaller). An artifact from VanderMeer’s fantastical city of Ambergris, in regular and deluxe editions. Only 100 deluxe editions were ever produced. Eventually, “The Exchange” story was reproduced in the Pan Macmillan and Bantam editions of City of Saints & Madmen. Also published in a Finnish chapbook edition.

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Fungicide Cover

Fungicide by Robert Devereux (with a reading of “The Exchange” by VanderMeer). This CD of experimental music by Devereux is meant to serve as a soundtrack to City of Saints & Madmen. Featuring extensive liner notes by Devereux that build on elements in City of Saints, and art by Hawk Alfredson that would later inspire fiction by VanderMeer.

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King Squid. This Finnish chapbook edition of “King Squid” from City of Saints & Madmen is not available outside of Finland. It was created in conjunction with the 100th issue of Tahtivaeltaja.

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