Off the Internet for Awhile

From April 24 through December 1, I will have limited internet access and only be checking my email sporadically, so I can work on my novels. If you have a query related to book rights, please contact my agent Sally Harding at the Cooke Agency. If you have a question regarding event bookings or an urgent matter that cannot wait, please email my wife, Ann VanderMeer, or use the contact form here on my blog.

I’m afraid I cannot blurb anything for the rest of the year and I cannot look at your novel or answer any questions. Effective immediately, Ann will be taking over my duties at Cheeky Frawg; all queries about our publishing activities should go to her. Adam Mills remains the main point of contact for During this time, I may blog occasionally if the need arises, and Ann may sometimes post links here about my books. See you in December.