It Came From the North: A Call for Finnish Speculative Fiction Submissions

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Announcing…IT CAME FROM THE NORTH, Volume 1, edited by Desirina Boskovich, to be published as an e-book by Cheeky Frawg. This will be a sampler of Finnish speculative fiction. Here is the relevant information…

Submissions can be sent to: [email protected] The deadline is May 30 of this year. Open to both reprints and originals, 10,000 words or less. Must be available in English translation. Boskovich says, “Anything with a speculative or fantastic or weird bent is welcome (though those boundaries will not be rigidly applied). People should also feel welcome to send suggestions to that address, as well as any questions they have.” Normal reprint rates apply. If the e-book is successful, there will be additional volumes featuring Scandinavian countries—and the volumes may be collected in a print omnibus.

We realize that this is a tight deadline, but the e-book will be published alongside our publication in October of books by two Finnish writers: Leena Krohn’s Datura and Jyrki Vainonen’s The Explorer & Other Stories.


  1. says

    I was using a shorthand based on the wiki on “Scandinavia”: Sometimes the term Scandinavia is also taken to include Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Finland, on account of their historical association with the Scandinavian countries.[2] Such usage, however, may be considered inaccurate in the area itself, where the term Nordic countries instead refers to this broader group.[3] – We’ll switch to “Nordic” in all future listings, yes?

    Just the translation.

  2. martha hubbard says

    I’m a Finn, living in Estonia and I write in English. May I also submit

  3. says

    Thank very much, Ann. I’ll have something for you by the weekend. I just want to make a final read-through.

  4. says

    I submitted as per instructions but have not received any confirmation that the submission went through – should I have received one, or is everything OK like this?

  5. Desirina says

    Hi Maria, I did receive your submission. I’m still going through everything. I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks! -Desirina

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