Film Rights Bought to the Southern Reach Series

My Southern Reach novels have been optioned by Paramount. All of the details are here. It’s a fairly exciting day, to say the least…


  1. Ellen Datlow says

    Congrats Jeff-that’s great news for you. (not to mention being published by Farrar Straus!)

  2. Sam M-B says

    Congrats Jeff. Just super awesome news. (I was out on a 5 mile hike around a nuclear reactor cooling tower when you posted this, thinking about the first book as I crossed past very scary “beyond this point is subject to emergency evacuation” signs.) Fingers crossed for an eventual production date and what should be a fantastic film.

  3. Jeff P says

    Congratulations, Jeff! We met at the Odyssey Workshop when you and Ann visited—thus, I can say “I knew him when!”