Steampunk Revolution Edited by Ann VanderMeer–Now Available!

Ann’s Steampunk Revolution is now available from Tachyon–just in the time for the holidays! It’s got a beautiful cover, as exemplified by the cake version above, and just looks all the way around like it was made to be given as a gift.

And look who’s in it! First of all, you have some originals from the likes of Caitlin R. Kiernan and Vandana Singh, along with reprints from bestsellers like Lev Grossman and Garth Nix. Not to mention a great selection of stories from an amazing and amazingly diverse bunch of writers. Personally, I think it’s the best of the three Steampunk anthologies Ann has edited.

“This entertaining and edgy new anthology is the third installment in a bestselling steampunk series. Featuring a renegade collective of writers and artists—from beloved legends to rising talents—the steam-driven past is rebooted and powered by originality, wit, and adventure. Lev Grossman offers a different take on the Six Million Dollar Man who possesses appendages and workings from recycled metal parts, yet remains fully human, resilient, and determined. Catherynne M. Valente explores a new form of parenting within the merging of man and machine while Cherie Priest presents a new, unsettling mode of transportation. Bruce Sterling introduces steampunk’s younger cousin, salvage-punk, while speculating on how cities will be built in the future using preexisting materials and Jeff VanderMeer takes an antisteampunk perspective as a creator must turn his back on an utterly destructive creation. Going beyond the simple realms of corsets and goggles, this engaging collection takes readers on a wild ride through Victoriana and beyond.”


  1. David says

    Sorry to comment here on a previous post. I keep watching the time travel anthology post for news re. an open reading period. Is it open, and where may I send a submission if it is? Thank you.