Jagannath E-Book Sales to Benefit Neil Clarke

(Karin Tidbeck’s Jagannath: book cover as cake at the recent World Fantasy Convention release party in Toronto.)

As some of you know, Neil Clarke has had some bad luck this year: a heart attack and now also losing his day job. Neil runs Clarkesworld Magazine and does a lot of wonderful things in the SF/Fantasy community. He also does an effortless and great job preparing our Cheeky Frawg e-books.

So we’ve decided that $1.00 from each e-book copy of Karin Tidbeck’s critically acclaimed Jagannath collection sold in November and December will go to Neil to help out, and as a thank you for his great work for us, and for the community in general. Originally, it was going to be Kindle sales only, but we thought it’d just be easier to make it all sales. This is no idle threat as Jagannath is hot–we’ve sold hundreds of e-books just in the last two weeks.

The main places you can buy the ebook of this collection lauded by NPR, Wired.com, and Locus Magazine are set out below. Not including, of course, Amazon subsidiary sites (Amazon France, etc.) and a couple of others.

Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
Weightless Books
Wizard’s Tower

Of course, any sales of this spotlighted title help Cheeky Frawg and our program of publishing excellent international fiction and translations. A trade paperback is also available.

“I can’t think of when I last read a collection that blew me away the way that Jagannath has, or one that’s left me somewhat at a loss to describe just how strange and beautiful and haunting these tales are.” – Elizabeth Hand (from her introduction)

“How weird can short fiction get and still find an audience among mainstream readers? Judging from the stories in the first book by Swedish writer Karin Tidbeck, the answer is: pretty weird…. For you, dear reader, something wonderful — and weird — is going to happen if you open this book.”
—Alan Cheuse, NPR


  1. says

    Is there also a place to send money direct (a donation drive, etc.)? I already have Jagannath, if I recall correctly, and I’d like to give more than $1 anyway. I didn’t realize his health issues were a heart attack…and losing a job is rough as hell.

  2. says

    I’ve read a couple of stories of the ebook so far and I’m seriously impressed by Karin’s skills. It’s odd and beautiful. I bought the ebook a few weeks ago, so I’m more than happy to help with the cause too. I’ll certainly recommend it.

  3. Fran Friel says

    Thank you so much for doing this, Jeff. And thank you also for sharing it on facebook. I didn’t know about this until I read your post.