Ann VanderMeer Joins Editorial Staff, Acquiring Short Fiction

The news just broke at that my wife, Ann VanderMeer, will be consulting fiction editor for the website. Which I believe is among the highest-paying markets in SF/F. She will be acquiring short fiction for Tor.

“She brings a sharp eye for adventurous fiction to all of her projects, and we look forward to the stories and authors she’ll bring to”

This is richly deserved and only poetic or karmic justice in many ways. I’m really thrilled for her!


  1. says

    Congrats to her and well deserved!

    I can only hope this helps them respond to submissions more quickly. I’ve waited more than a year for submission responses from…

  2. Rochita says

    I’m doing the happy dance, right now. :D So pleased about this good news. Huge congratulations, Ann.

  3. ben jones says

    Late on this, I know, but this is great news. I’m sure Ann will help bring great stories to life at Tor. Hopefully this will wash the bad taste out from the Weird Tales travesty.