Karin Tidbeck’s Collection Jagannath: Blurbed by Mieville, Fowler, Lord, Le Guin

Jagannath ARC cover

Here at Cheeky Frawg, we’re getting more and more excited about the fall release of Swedish author Karin Tidbeck’s debut English-language collection Jagannath, which will be available in e-book and trade paperback formats. We hope to have a book release party at World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, and there is a possibility that the author will be able to attend.

Check out these advance blurbs!

URSULA K. LE GUIN: “I have never read anything like Jagannath. Karin Tidbeck’s imagination is recognisably Nordic, but otherwise unclassifiable–quietly, intelligently, unutterably strange. And various. And ominous. And funny. And mysteriously tender. These are wonderful stories.”

CHINA MIEVILLE: “Restrained and vivid, poised and strange, Tidbeck, with her impossible harmonies, is a vital voice.”

KAREN JOY FOWLER: “Tidbeck has a gift for the uncanny and the unsettling. In these wonderful, subtle stories, magic arrives quietly. It comes from the forests or the earth or was always there in your own family or maybe exists in another realm entirely. It arises from the pages as you read, leaving you slightly dazed and more than a little enchanted.”

KAREN LORD: “The mundane becomes strange and the strange familiar with near-Hitchcockian subtlety. I loved Tidbeck’s clean, classic prose. It creates beautifully eerie music for a twilight domain.”

Under the cut, find more information about this excellent book–out in November. I’ll have some advance reader copies at ReaderCon. (In other news, we have the translation of Finnish writer Leena Krohn’s novel Datura and will have a pub date for it shortly, along with a pub date for a collection by Amos Tutuola.)

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Cheeky Frawg News: Stepan Chapman’s PKD Award Winning The Troika

Troika cover

Stepan Chapman’s incredible 1997 novel The Troika, winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, is now once again available to readers—in e-book form. Originally published by my Ministry of Whimsy Press, this new, definitive author’s version has been published as a joint venture of Ministry of Whimsy (now an imprint of Neil Clarke’s Wyrm Publishing) and Cheeky Frawg. Neil has a post about how to order it. (Thanks to my Ministry partner back in 1997, Tom Winstead, for making it possible to publish the book.)

When it came out, the novel was perhaps the most reviewed science fiction novel of the year, garnering a ton of critical praise. It was also the first independent press title to ever win the PKD Award. Beneath the cut, find a teaser from my original introduction to this new e-book edition…

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