Recently Reviewed in The Guardian and Los Angeles Times: Graham Joyce and Kim Stanley Robinson

Just a quick note that you can find reviews of mine online this week at the Guardian and the LA Times.

I read Graham Joyce’s Some Kind of Fairy Tale for The Guardian, and it was a bit of a mixed bag. I really enjoyed parts of it, but for once Joyce’s agility at craft seemed exposed—a few too many wires and gears showing.

Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312, on the other hand, I thought was wonderful—and featured one of the great love stories in science fiction.

I’ll have reviews of, among others, Carlos Fuentes appearing soon in other major newspapers.


  1. Sam M-B says

    I still haven’t read Joyce’s last book, which it sounds like I should remedy first before peeking into the new one.

    Love the 2312 review. I would be hard pressed to agree more – though I wasn’t 110% satisfied with the final disposition of certain storylines, the building respect and friendship into shared experience and love really was something. I also wasn’t sure how essential the third major POV character’s chapters on Venus were. (Not very, as you didn’t mention them either.) One quibble: Terminator isn’t just “a Mercury city” :)

  2. says

    I liked the Joyce a little better than you did, Jeff, and the Robinson a little less, but not by much. Though the novels don’t have much to do with each other, it’s interesting to pair them just to see what good work is being done in very different ways by very different authors working under the same big tent.