Prometheus Art…and More

I have a post up at Omni about the reaction to Prometheus, the art book you can buy, and more. In a nutshell, I liked the movie and my feelings about it are close to those of Caitlin Kiernan, who has posted twice about certain issues. Which isn’t to say I don’t think the movie has flaws, but that it’s far from the turd some people think it is.

That said, I do have some ideas about a version in an alt-universe or a reboot in 20 years, but I’ll save that for another post.

I also will have my ReaderCon schedule soon, and I will be at Stonecoast very soon. Before heading down to Shared Worlds, to teach.


  1. jeff vandermeer says

    Ha! Well, to point out just one defect in that post…the medical table is clearly and selfishly *just there for Old Weyland*. I’m sorry that you think Ridley Scott is so incredibly stoopid that you can mistake a bit of stage business and foreshadowing as a glaring ridiculous error. I don’t buy that.

  2. Hal Duncan says

    Who are you and what have you done with Jeff?

    No, scratch that — who are you and what have you done with *Evil Monkey*? You locked him in a box when you saw the movie, didn’t you? I can’t believe Evil Monkey wouldn’t be poop-slinging right now if he saw it with you.

    Or, OK, I can *believe* it; opinions clearly differ big time over the film. But I’m NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! Evil Monkey poop-slinging might have at least partly made up for my experience with the movie. Partly.


  3. jeff vandermeer says

    Ha!! Evil Monkey is readying a salvo against a much worthier target: Snow White and the Huntsman.

  4. says

    I too loved Prometheus. The movie was not confusing in the least, and it was one of the best hard science fiction movies I have had the recent pleasure to see. That seemed to be the theme I have noticed across the web. The people who think that scifi is only The Force and Lightsabers panned on the movie, while those who love hard scifi loved it. With the exception of hyperlight travel, which is never the focus of any of the alien type films, everything shown was possible in the near future. Loved the autodoc, right out of Larry Niven. Some complained that it was not an Alien movie, but Scott said going in that it wasn’t. Some people just don’t listen.