The Goat Variations: Free VanderFiction for Other Worlds Than These

My story “The Goat Variations” first appeared in Other Earths edited by Nick Gevers & Jay Lake, and then was reprinted in my collection The Third Bear. Now it’s been reprinted in John Joseph Adams’ Other Worlds Than These anthology. He has a great new section on his website for the anthology, and I’ve let them post the story online in its entirety.

When first published, and then reprinted in my collection, “The Goat Variations” was fairly controversial, with some making the assertion that I was just using fiction to make a political point about President George W. Bush. Well, if so…so what? That’s not the real focus of the story, but if it were, bully for me.

Hope you enjoy it.

(It’s just a rubber head, folks. Looks a little bit more like that guy from Kiss anyway.)


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    I read this short story , it is superb. Thanks for sharing so many short tales for free. I thought a bit a about it and bought Third Bear digital and will probably buy Cities of Saints and Men, though I still need a epub reader heheheh I can read on the screen though, but believe or not my very first book of yours was The Steampunk Bible that is quite of a great achievement and very well written despite the visuals. Sadly only The Situation was translated to Portuguese, which is a shame, but other great authors were poorly published here in Brazil either, like Jack Vance or Michael moorcock!