Odd and Leviathan Anthology Updates

Just a short note about ongoing projects. Because of our focus on the feminist spec fic anthology (see blog entry below), we’re pushing Odd back to the fall/winter and will be in touch with subscribers about a restructured schedule by Sept/October. Leviathan 5 is being pushed into 2013-14 on Chizine’s schedule for similar reasons. The feminist spec fic antho is hundreds of hours of work for an honorarium, Odd is a start-up, and Leviathan would be more work for free. The honest truth is that we can only absorb the time/money loss of one gratis or start-up project at a time, so we hope you’ll understand these delays. The feminist spec fic anthology was a wonderful opportunity, but we have to surround it with paying projects.

We’ve also just come off the busiest two years of our lives, with The Weird and other books, and I’m just getting back into my own writing. So all of this factors into the decision. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Harry Markov says

    Will all of the projects be invite-only? That is the only burning question I have. Otherwise, I don’t think anyone will protest taking your time with the projects. In Bulgarian, we would say “nothing beautiful comes from force”. :)

  2. says

    Thanks, Harry. As you will see re the feminist spec fic antho, we’re having an open reading period right now. For Odd, it’s currently invite only because we’re dealing with a huge backlog of rare reprints and other material that fits Odd that did not fit prior projects, but we will open up Odd in the future. Leviathan 5 will have an open reading period.

    Basically, when we can, we have open reading periods.

  3. Harry Markov says

    Jeff, thanks for the reply. I saw regarding the feminist spec fic antho, but I was curious more or less about the other projects in general. Let’s hope I have a catalogue for the next projects. :D

  4. Ben says

    Will we be seeing the bestiary anthology in the near future? The Ajvaz excerpt was a fine taster.

  5. says

    Ben–I’m just finishing up edits, and sending edits to contributors, and then it will go out to publishers. I would imagine it’d see print one way or another before the end of 2013.

  6. Sam M-B says

    Yay Bestiary! More Dexter Palmer IIRC.

    Another project I’ve wondered about is the one about different worlds of f/sf — like Bas-Lag, Anares, etc.

  7. says

    Sam–that one’s dead. It was pretty clear that for it to be commercially viable it would’ve had to include a lot of authors/worlds I hate. (Not the two you mention.)

  8. Simon F says

    I’m really looking forward to all these projects you guys are working on, I think there is a huge admiration toward you guys for all you are doing for spec fiction, and genre in general, its all very exciting stuff! Just wondering if Leviathan will be available in ebook format? I mean I would love to read the earlier leviathan anthologies in ebook format as well, although I know that probably is not possible. My only other option for getting hold of those books is via amazon, and shipping to NZ is just…. costly. Ebook to my kindle is usually my only affordable option theses days.