1. Syed says

    Seems like a cover from the Goosebumps children’s horror series, though those were from the ’90s.

  2. says


    A GOOSEBUMPS cover with a dude w/ a chain around his nether regions, tied to a pig? Nah…THIS looks like somethin’ from a Jodorowsky movie..

  3. Chris says

    If I saw that cover without knowing anything about the author, it make me want to read it.

    But it is a bad cover for WHH.

  4. Paul Jessup says

    It seems like they mixed this up with a cover for GOR/Furrie crossover fanfic

  5. says

    It IS bad…but lord, if I ever stumbled across this in a used bookstore, I’m sure I’d damn near break my wrist getting my wallet out to buy it.