The Weird Compendium: Starred Rave Review in Publishers Weekly


Extremely thrilled that Publishers Weekly has given The Weird Compendium, out from Tor in May(ebook available now) a starred and boxed review. It’s a stunner, an absolute rave. Many thanks to the reviewer for understanding what we were trying to do. Here’s part of the review. You can read the whole thing online.

“Ambitious in the extreme, the Vandermeers’ latest genre-blurring endeavor…is one of the most far-reaching and inclusive speculative anthologies to ever see print. Alongside familiar names—from Lovecraft and Kafka to Link and Kiernan—the Vandermeers unveil a menagerie of obscure authors and impressive stories from around the world….This standard-setting compilation is a deeply affectionate and respectful history of speculative fiction’s blurry edges [with] stunning diversity, excellent quality.” – Publishers Weekly

We believe we’ll be in New York City in June to promote the anthology, and be doing interviews, etc., for various places. Also expect much more media coverage


  1. Enrico Schalldog III says

    PW got it right. The Weird, in fact, is one of those few books for which one could decorate with bonus stars.

  2. james kenyon says

    looking forward to owning this milestone anthology, Vandermeers rule!
    Where will we find you in NYC? Forbidden Planet bookstore? (where I will be buying my copy ASAP), or The White Horse Tavern on Hudson St, for a little literary shop talk, in Dylan Thomas’ favorite watering hole?