Writers: I Highly Recommend Woodchuck Groundhog Target Paper


Woodchuck Groundhog target paper—the blank side–is great for writing longhand. The grain of the paper is just right to catch and hold the pen and the ink without being either too smooth or too rough. The pads hinge on the right, so it’s also perfect for left-handers like myself.

The Squirrel target paper appears identical, but isn’t as classy.

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Jeremy says

    The tooth of the paper makes a huge difference. What pen are you using, though? Looks like a fine point roller-ball? RBs can distance you from the paper. They have a smoothing effect. Like taking Depakote. Or drinking too much. Too lubricated. Try a fine point, steel nib calligraphy pen on the woodchuck paper. It’ll make your wrist and elbow tingle. In a good way.