Hibernation? Not Quite…News of The Weird, Sir Tessa, and More

First off, our Thanksgiving did involve birds, but not turkeys, as chronicled by the mighty Sir Tessa, whose quest for bears ended in turmoil involving Fred, the Beagle, and some talons.

Second, I just reviewed the Crichton/Preston novel Micro for the LA Times. In a nutshell…lifeless with some exceptional descriptions of miniature things made big. You can find pulse-pounding thriller entertainment elsewhere that’s much better.

Third, we posted the fifth week of Weirdfictionreview, including fiction from Caitlin R. Kiernan, an essay by China Mieville, interview with Liz Williams, and Leah Thomas’s web comic. Go check it out, including this blog post which details some great press for our The Weird anthology.

Fourth, no, this blog is not in hibernation, and I’m not in hibernation. We’re just working on a lot of stuff, including a very cool Cheeky Frawg website, more content for WFR.com, a little something I’m writing called The Book Murderer, and some short story assignments and more book reviews. I’ll resume my serial novel The Journals of Doctor Mormeck shortly and some other posts for this blog will appear.

As noted down-stream, I am taking on critique work right now, too.