Put That Margaret Atwood Down! Now! I’m Not Kidding, Weird


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  1. IlGialloMondadori says

    I would absolutely love to pick up this book, however, it does not seem to be available in North America as of yet. Any projected date for availability in Atwood’s own stomping grounds, Canada? I’d ebook it, if that were an option.
    Is eBay or ordering direct from UK my only recourse?

  2. IlGialloMondadori says

    Thanks for the link! I’m not sure I can wait for next year, despite a massive reading backlog (including Atwood’s In Other Worlds). A collection with a line up like this is too great too pass up. Just having it within reach will make me feel better.

    As a side note, I’d hate to see In Other World’s devoured by a tentacled, indescribable creature; Atwood’s essay on Well’s The Island of Dr. Moreau is fantastic.

  3. jeff vandermeer says

    I hope u order it! I cldnt resist the other worlds thing because of her space squid comment but I do love her fiction.

  4. IlGialloMondadori says

    Hah! I had forgot about that completely, despite having paid a great deal of attention to the controversy regarding her stance on science fiction. That I love her fiction so much, and my belief that she is truly well intentioned and is a force for good in the fiction world mean that even something as insultingly dismissive as her squid comment doesn’t seem to shake my appreciation of her.

    Having read your Ambergris works, I can understand how a dig in return would be impossible to resist.