Halloween: The Weird Coverage…

The Beak Doctor
(Will the real Beak Doctor step forward? Oh, he will. Soon enough…he will.)

Happy Halloween, although it’s coming a little late for me as I’ve spent my day in the commencement of harrowing dental adventures (but not yet dentures).

Some coverage for our The Weird antho (750,000 words covering a century) beginning to appear as the monster lurches into bookstores between now and November 10.

—Starshipsofa Interview wherein Ann and I talk about people in comas, Mexican circuses, and being asked to pay 60,000 pounds for a 3,000 word short story…along with all things Weird, and about Weird Tales.

—Forbidden Planet behind-the-scenes Director’s Cut feature about putting together The Weird, just posted.

—Forbidden Planet blog exclusive featuring the original webcomic Leah Thomas is doing for our weirdfictionreview site that launches tomorrow. It’s called “Reading the Weird” and is basically this talented young creator’s reaction to encountering the anthology, put through the frame of a journey by two quirky characters.

Weird Comic Episode 1--Page_1

And remember, as Halloween winds down, this is your brain on Halloween (via The Psychologist–thanks Nick Wood.)

Your Brain on Horror--The Psychologist