The Once and Future Felicity Savage

Jeff VanderMeer • October 27th, 2011 @ 4:12 pm • Culture

(From back in the day, when Savage had books out from HarperPrism and ROC)

Back in 1992, I was part of a Clarion East class that included Cory Doctorow, Dale Bailey, Nathan Ballingrud, Pam Noles, and a certain great young writer named Felicity Savage. She went on, still a teenager I believe, to get a book deal and have a few novels out…then disappeared. Even wrote about that back in 2006.

Now she’s popped up years later in Tokyo, and she’s got her own blog/website from which she’s selling new fiction in ebook form, under what look like more than one pen name. She was great and had great potential back then, but I can’t wait to see what she’s up to fiction-wise now.

3 Responses to “The Once and Future Felicity Savage”

  1. Nathan Ballingrud says:


  2. Felicity Savage says:

    I’ve been found! Hello Jeff — and Nathan! Yes, I’ve come out of my Japanese burrow at last with a whole load of new fiction. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do about the pen name thing — I had thought to develop a new name for each genre I’ve been writing in, but this increasingly strikes me as a futile exercise in hairsplitting. So, Jeff, I may follow in your footsteps and give up on literary taxonomy. In the end a story is a story.

    It’s great to be in touch again! I’ll be back to comment and converse.

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Hi! You’ve come out of your Japanese burrow with a vengeance, as if you’ve got a whole underground factory. LOL! Will email you soon. jv

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