DragonCon and Decatur Book Festival Schedule–Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

Right. So. We’re double-booked for the Decatur Book Festival and DragonCon. Below find our full schedule. It’s a rather insane back-and-forth on Saturday. I don’t really know how it’s going to pan out. If you’re going to be at either and want to meet, it’s best to come to one of the events, especially one where we or I clearly have nothing happening right afterwards, according to the schedule below. Otherwise, I will be shoving you out of the way to get to the exit to run to the next event… :)

I will be updating on facebook as the weekend progresses, and you can always shoot me a facebook message during the weekend as I get that directly on my phone instantaneously.

Some events Ann and I are doing separately, as indicated. The DragonCon panels have other panelists, but you’ll have to look in the program book for them.

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