1. says

    Lemme guess: The first one is a rewrite of Tristram Shandy, the third is your tribute to Beckett, and the one in the middle is a side view of a Tyrannosaur’s mandible.

  2. says

    Then the talking pot hole might take place in Topeka, KS. Which is already weird and so therefore makes for a good spot. Plus that’s the national bird there. (Thank the great green turnip in the sky I’m not there anymore).

    I’m glad to see you hard at work. Don’t forget Mormeck though. Or I shall be sad.

  3. Dominik says

    An understandable mistake, Larry. We know Jeff’s mind is pretty erratic – it would only make sense that his heart follow a similar pattern…

  4. says

    Well-played, sir. After the fall of Urban Fantasy, what will rise to take its place? Urban Sanitation Fantasy, bred in dank tunnels filled with vermin and waste. Who’s our protag? Rosco, the talking pothole, who knows that there are more interesting tales under the city than in it, and wants to tell us all of them.

  5. says

    I’m like a writing nag. But I wouldn’t be if I didn’t like Mormeck so very, very much. (AND whose fault is that???) Do what you need to do, it’s larnin’ me new things while I wait.

    P.S. Don’t forget I want to buy books. But I’d settle for more Mormeck first before that.

    And now, this public nagging service is over. The annoying nagging beep will stop torturing your ears. However, had this been an emergency, then it would have continued until . . .