Wonderbook and Other Updates–And Your Creative Writing Questions


I have a deadline to turn in a chapter of the creative writing book I’m working on, working title Wonderbook, by early next week, which has me a little behind on blogging. Above you’ll see one of the rough sketches I’ve done for the book. It’s meaningless without the context, but in a nutshell it’s a visual dramatization of a creative writing concept. The book will have over 150 full-color images, and in writing it I’ll also be working with designer John Coulthart to come up with an effective visual language for teaching creative writing.

I’ll post more on the Mormeck serial next week as well—the next scene is one of those pivot points I really need to work hard on to get right so I’m not spending a lot of time revising later. After that, I should be posting more regularly on Mormeck.

In other news, Cheeky Frawg is getting ready to release both Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month in e-book format and the anthology ODD?—the latter features a short film by Gregory Bossert with music by Danny Fontaine from lyrics I wrote and then Danny revised. Still image below.

Although I’m going to be busy the next few days, I will stop by here a bit. So…if you have any questions about creative writing, ask and I will attempt to answer. Since I’m immersed in writing about the subject at the moment anyway….



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    Okay, I <3 you in a totally platonic, you are awesome wordsmith way. I can't wait for this one to come out because your stuff is visual and gets my brainmeats working in a totally different way (which is all good). Didn't you and Ann write up something on writing before? I know it was suppose to come out sometime after your stint at MidSouth Con when I first met y'all. I need to know the name of that and where I can buy my copy. And then this new gem will add to my writer happiness. I will see if I can think of questions.

    Because you are being more awesome, I will wait for more Mormeck (BUT, it's hard) lol

    Seriously, thanks for sharing and larn'in those of us who are too big to go to Shared Worlds. (BTW, that dude who pulled his leg off up there looks like he wants to smash the pink smiling critter with it.)