What I Mean By Work; What Do You Mean?

(Mormeck notes: brimming, overstuffed, ready to rock ‘n’ roll.)

It’s been relatively silent here at VanderBlawg Central as I ramp up on projects after finally having seen the last of THE WEIRD and turned the SHARED WORLDS teen writing book over to the designer. Over at Cheeky Frawg, we’re finalizing work on Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month (late Sept) and proofreading the ODD? anthology (Oct 1, with print release in December). We’re also in the planning stages for several new anthologies and getting ready to dive into final edits on our BESTIARY anthology.

I’ve also gotten back into The Journals of Doctor Mormeck, and should be posting new entries starting tomorrow.

In other news, I’m also now working on my creative writing book for Abrams Image, the one with 150 full-color images being designed by John Coulthart (with much of the art also by him). Below you’ll see part of the initial draft for the Beginnings chapter. I’m really excited about this one, and it’s going really well. The hope is to create a visual language for teaching creative writing, in the context of fantastical fiction.

Also, we’re having work done on a Cheeky Frawg website and beginning to organize the weirdfictionreview.com site, for launch in October. This in addition to making progress on the draft of my novel Borne and several other projects. Hard work, but largely fun, too.

That’s what I’m up to. What are you up to?

(Writing book draft! Yeah!)


  1. says

    Wow, I thought I was in the minority taking notes on paper and making diagrams. Other people are always telling me about their computer list-style outlines. It’s really unexpectedly comforting to see someone whose notes look so similar to my own (although I do not write in cursive. Cursive is weird).

    As for what I’m up to, it’s mostly Freaking Out these days.

    Sorry we didn’t get to meet at the Steampunk Bible thing ages ago. I had a family thing to run to. Next time you’re in NYC, though.

  2. says

    Hey, Lev. I’m looking forward to reading your book, and possibly interview you for Amazon.com.

    Yeah, I prefer the low-tech approach because, for me, it just feels more organic and natural. And slightly disorganized notes tend to help me because in the disorganization I find connections I wouldn’t otherwise.

    If the freaking out is about having a first novel out–that’s the good kind of freak-out!

  3. says

    I completely agree on the organic aspect of the written note and how it can lead to unexpected connections.

    And it’s a good and bad freakout. My friends who’ve had kids tell me I’m acting like I have pregnancy-brain. Obvious symbolism galore in that one.

  4. Robert Walis says

    Hard at work as usual, with occasional periods of laziness. I’m almost halfway through my translation of Abercrombie’s “The Heroes”, another three books are already waiting for their turn, one of them is Valente’s “Deathless” – I’m looking forward to working on it . Also reading some Polish s-f and trying to spend quality time with my wife and kids :)

  5. says

    What am I up to? Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say… I just had a story published in Flurb #12, a Webzine of Astonishing Tales edited by Rudy Rucker. The story in question is “Gertrude and Ludwig Spin A Web”, and I just got back home to Cincinnati from my first big speaking gig at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, which was a true blast. Shout outs to William Kiesel and Catamara Rosarium for being great hosts and organizers. Now settling back into my day job routine (at a public library) and working on some more short fiction and some non-fiction articles. Also gotta start promoting that poetry/literary reading I’m hosting in October… the webs keep spinning… and hopefully I’ll have the chance to keep up with my reading as wel. At a library, and with so many books brought home from the conference, there is a lot to choose from! Luckily, the Library Angel will help me choose what it is I need to read. Onwards and upwards!

  6. says

    I’d break HIPAA if I told you everything I’m doing, but I suppose it would involve updating transcripts, doing reports early next week for delivery by Thursday, writing 15 individual lesson plans for Monday, organizing a school trip for Wednesday, sitting on a committee for drafting a revised 24/7 school/clinical/recreation schedule for the center, administering assessment tests and exit tests, exploring how to integrate technology such as interactive textbooks on the iPad for tutoring/teaching students in various subjects, and…well, I guess teaching at some point.

    Outside of that, I am reading some Dino Buzzati, Javier Marías, Jean Ray, Erin Morgenstern, and several other authors, both for future posts at my blog and perhaps essays for a few other sites, if I can get around to pitching those. Then there’s the waiting around for ODD? and The Weird, which will be the coolest/strangest things in my immediate future.

    I’ve blabbed too much. That also keeps me busy.

  7. says

    What am I up to? Putting the finishing touches to the next edit of my novel before I ship it of f to my editor. It’s gotten, in the words of the venerable Captain Monty, “a little convoluted, and a lot crazy.”

  8. says

    Finishing up a writers retreat where I did more work in two days than I’ve done all year. Feels good. Like spring cleaning of the mind. On the downhill run of editing the novel now.