Books for Sale! Lambshead Cabinet, Steampunk Bible, and More!

Want a signed copy of The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities or The Steampunk Bible? With the help of a bookseller we now have a limited number of the Bible available and slightly more of Lambshead. For the Bible, I’ll throw in a drawing of an airship.

I also have the Murder by Death Soundtrack for my novel Finch, which I’ll happily inscribe with secret gray cap meanderings. I still have some first edition trade paperbacks of the US edition of Finch.

For United States readers only:

—$22 each for the Bible and Lambshead. Plus $5 shipping for one, $8 shipping if ordering both books.

–$14 for the US edition of Finch plus $4 shipping.

—$7 for the MBD soundtrack including shipping; only $5 if you order a book with it.

If you order one of all of these items, shipping is $10.

For larger orders, query at [email protected] Paypal to [email protected] with address info and how you want them personalized. Checks also okay.

For foreign orders or for the complete list of our books for sale, including non-VanderMeer titles, query at [email protected] We’re in the opening stages of a cull, as the books are beginning to overwhelm the house…